ZYN 'Ginger Blood Orange' (19mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Feb 14, 2021

So first off I should probably declare my bias…

Firstly - I love citrus flavours - can’t get enough of them, and I’ll invariably end up giving a good review as it’s to my own personal tastes.

Secondly - Ace Superwhite Citrus is my go-to pouch - I use it every day, and it would take a lot to get to go for something else…

So now onto the product review…

As per all ZYN products the can is a stylish (and recyclable) design - simple but also striking on it’s bold colours.

With ZYN products you can count of a level of quality and reliability - and these pouches didn't disappoint. The can feels good in your hand, the brand is strong - and the products are sold in sensible nicotine strengths whilst retaining an effective nicotine hit.

The aroma from the can is strong and sharply citrus - with the orange notes creeping through.

Once you pop the pouch inside your mouth - the blood orange is unmistakably - with a pleasant citrus based. The pouches are a nice plump, pillow-like format and unlike Ace - I found I could feel the effects of the pouch for much longer (and taste too).

The pouches I tried are ⅗ on the ZYN scale putting them at 9mg/g with a pouch weight of 0.8g. I got to say - perhaps in part to the citrus sting - these feel a lot stronger. It's an enjoyable pouch - and is usual for me - tried it with a beer and found that pretty pleasant too!

These won’t quite win over my favourite pouch crown yet - but they’re a damn fine alternative. If you like citrus flavours - 100% give these a try. Reputable brand, quality product, strong flavour and sensible and safe nicotine levels. Highly recommended.

The only slight downside is these cause a little more gum irritation than say a Nordic Spirit or Ace Superwhite pouch - but all in all - not enough to turn me off the product.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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