Zyn Citrus Mini Normal (6mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Jul 17, 2020
Little zesty pouches!

The Zyn mini pouches are slightly smaller than your typical 'slim' sized pouch - but still pack a nice flavor - and like the Nordic Spirit pouches sit easily in the mouth and are probably ideally suited to first time users - if not maybe in this strength. The taste is crisp and clear - no gum irritation and can see these being a good choice to keep in your back pocket. The smaller size is noticeable and the effect / flavor of course doesn't as last as long as the larger pouches - but they're a good strength.

ZYN Citrus Strong 6 mg is a little dicreet and dry nicotine pouch with a fresh citrus, orange and lemon grass flavour.
The nicotine pouches are small with a dry texture and start delivering the nicotine and citrus flavour when they become a little humid in the mouth.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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