Zyn 'Apple Mint' (12mg) Nicotine Pouches Review

Product Reviews Nov 6, 2020

Hi Nicotine Freaks!

It is my pleasure to be reviewing a new pouch product for you all today while dwelling on a usually sun-drenched Greek island. To make those of you in colder climes feel a bit better, I can tell you that as I write it is pissing it down with rain – please don’t feel too sorry for me!

Tim in Greece
Tim in Greece

Today I will be checking out Zyn’s new Apple Mint variety, a recent and welcome addition to the brand’s range. Zyn hails from Stockholm in Sweden, where their pods are manufactured by Swedish Match AB, a well-known snuss manufacturer and an early entrant to the nicotine pouch market.

Scandinavia is, of course, well-known for its historical legacy of nicotine and tobacco products, a legacy which lends itself well to producing nicotine pouches to high standards. With necessary toxicity and safety compliance in place, effective product development and generally solid overall quality, Zyn is a brand that I trust in a new market which, as with all new markets, can be somewhat chaotic and inconsistent.

The attractive and fully recyclable packaging of Zyn’s Apple Mint (a nice touch for the environmentally conscious among us) contains 21 pods and features a ‘strength’ rating from 1-4. In the manufacturer’s words, this rating is based on ‘overall experience’ as opposed to nicotine content alone. Since nicotine absorption rates and availability via the gums are highly dependent on PH levels, flavourings and several other factors, this rating system seems sensible.

Zyn’s Apple Mint lands in at a solid ‘3’ rating – strong - I was therefore prepared to get a reasonable kick from these pods.

Within seconds my taste buds were immediately satiated by what I can only describe as a mild but very juicy apple aura, not too far off eating a real crunchy Granny Smith! Next, a light and gradual tingling sensation manifested itself as a rather gentle and gradual nicotine stream from these ‘slim’ pouches worked its magic.

The initial blast of apple was followed up with a complimentary wave of mint dominance and unmistakable hints of Eucalyptus, adding further to the well-rounded freshness of the product’s initial apple overtones. This is a genuinely great flavour pairing from Zyn. Since many products on the market are rather spear mint dominant, this balanced combination made a nice change.

While hitting a ‘3’ strength rating on Zyn’s 1-4 scale, the experience was not overwhelming – it delivered a gentle and relaxing buzz. I would recommend it to those of all levels of nicotine tolerances, who would like to try something new, a good all-rounder with recyclable packaging to boot!

It has just stopped raining - have a great day!


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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