Xtreme 'Lime Paradise (16mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Feb 2, 2021

A strong lime flavour nicotine pouch / nicopod from the retailers of Killa. An interesting new range that comes in 'Lemon Paradise', 'Fruit Vibes', 'Arctic Mint' and 'Neuron Freeze'.

I've quit to enjoy trying these pouches - the flavours are perhaps not unique - but stark and enjoyable - and the strength is just about right for me.

To lets have a look at the 'Lemon Paradise' offering -

Portion size: 0,8g
Nicotine: 16mg/1gram
Nicotine per portion: 12,8mg
Portions in one package: 20 pc

Ref - killapods.eu

So at 16mg/g per gram it's in the 'strong' but not too strong category - but the weight of the pouch is pretty high - so you're getting quite a nicotine hit.

EXTRIME Lime Paradise. From the producer of Pablo and Killa! A velvety soft bag with the delicious taste of fresh lime.
The Extreme 'Lime Paradise' Can
The Extreme 'Lime Paradise' Can

Open the can and the immediate aroma is unavoidable - like freshly cut lemons - the smell is sharp with that citrus sweet undertone with a slight hint of menthol. The pouches themselves are plump and smooth made to a quality we've come to expect from NGP Empire- boasting a 'Made in Switzerland' log on the can.

Now I've been using 20mg/g pouches very frequently recently - so wasn't expecting much of a hit from this - but after a few moments under my lip the sharp taste of lime of evident and there was a pleasant tingling sensation from the pouch.

The taste and pleasant citrus tingly from the pouch lasts a good 20 minutes - and the flavour was still present when I'd finished with the pouch about 45 minutes later. All in all I'm liking this new 'Extreme' (I'm not spelling it with a '3') brand from Killa and look forward to reviewing the range of the range in due course.

You can buy the complete range from £4.49 per can from First Line Pods -


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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