White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (16mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Sep 8, 2020
This review has been contributed by Adam from London Pods, a UK based nicotine pouch retailer (review here) - you can visit his store here - https://londonpods.co.uk/

White Fox is produced by GN Tobacco, who also produce the well-known snus brand ‘Oden’s’ and ‘Siberia’.

The pouches smell like slightly sweet mint, but the aroma is by no means overwhelming. White Fox pouches are all extremely comfortable under the lip. This is probably because they use a special fleece paper to contain the contents, which provides a better nicotine/flavour release than traditional papers.

White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (16mg)
White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (16mg)

The nicotine pouches taste naturally of mint. Some of the cheaper brands taste slightly artificial, but White Fox provides the right balance of sweetness with traditional mint taste. The flavour lasts around an hour before the pouch starts tasting a bit flavourless.

At 16mg/g they are at the stronger end of the common pouches, without going into the extreme strengths that some brands provide. The nicotine hits a few minutes after you put it in your mouth, and lasts a while without ever becoming overwhelming.

I would recommend ‘Double Mint’ to almost anyone who uses nicotine pouches (unless they don’t like mint of course!). You won’t find better build quality in any other brands

You can buy ‘Double Mint’, as well as all other flavours from the White Fox collection here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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