V&YOU - &CHILL CBD Pouches in 'Berry' and 'Mint' Review

Product Reviews Sep 20, 2020

This is the last in my review of the V&YOU CBD infused pouches - you can find my review on the 'Citrus' flavour here.


Opening the can of V&YOU &CHILL Berry can the aroma is a hard one to describe. It’s not a very potent smell in comparison to their nicotine pouches of the same flavour - and instead has a warmer, dark berry-like scent.

V&YOU &CHILL 'Berry' 20mg CBD
V&YOU &CHILL 'Berry' 20mg CBD

As with the other &CHILL pouches - they’re a slim format but contain a fair bit of contents per pouch makes them a larger pouch than people might be used to. However- the slim format suits me well and the pouches sit comfortably in the mouth.

The &CHILL Pouches

Now when it comes to taste of the pouch… I found myself a little disappointed. Perhaps spoilt by the array of pouches I’ve tried - the berry flavour of the &CHILL pouch just didn’t come through strong enough for me to enjoy.

That being said they do taste ‘good’ - and the point here is an easy and enjoyable way to consume CBD then these fit the bill perfectly. With 20mg CBD contents per pouch, these represent great value for money and whilst the berry flavour might not be dramatic - it’s still enjoyable.


Now onto the mint flavoured pouches. Now I won’t repeat the product details one covered above - the pouches are the same across the &CHILL range - so we’ll get straight to the aroma and taste.

V&YOU &CHILL 'Mint' 20mg CBD
V&YOU &CHILL 'Mint' 20mg CBD

The mint pouches left my pleasantly surprised - as it’s not typically a flavour I’d choose.

Open the can the scent isn’t a hard-hitting artificial mint flavour - but has a more natural aroma to it - more spearmint than peppermint to my nose.

When it comes to taste this is where the ‘Mint’ variety stands out from the rest of the &CHILL range - the flavour is distinctive, long-lasting and perfect for a product aimed at relaxing.

The mint taste isn’t overwhelming - but noticeable enough to enjoy for the duration of the pouch. It leaves a cool minty taste in your saliva and is a treat to enjoy.

Overall I rate the V&YOU &CHILL range pretty highly after trying all three flavours. No - they aren’t quite as potent as I might personally like - but they’re far from offensive and serve the primary purpose - CBD consumption well. They’re CBD content - as already mentioned - makes them great value for money too.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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