V&YOU - &CHILL CBD Pouches in 'Citrus' Review

Product Reviews Sep 9, 2020

After having tried other CBD pouches - I was intrigued - and whilst browsing the First Line Pods website I came across a range of CBD pouches called '&CHILL' from 'V&YOU' which seemed similar to the Cannadips EU products I've reviewed recently - so I thought I'd give the 'Citrus' flavour a try.

In terms of CBD dosage - these are twice the strength of the Cannadips pouches I recently reviewed here - they are also a similar price - if not cheaper than the Cannadips offering - so on the surface do offer better value for money.

&CHILL CBD Infused 'Citrus' Pouches

V&YOU CBD Pouches are small pouches that you simply put under your lip. You can do that anytime, anywhere.
They are made from hemp-derived CBD and are THC free and each pouch contains 20mg CBD.

Ingredients - Hemp Natural Fibres (After Extraction), CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate, Salt,Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Flavours

The pouches come in a tub similar to nicotine pouches - and include a waste compartment in the top of the can (not that I ever use those personally). The V&YOU branding is strong and it's a simple but nice looking can for the product.

V&YOU &CHILL 'Citrus' 20mg CBD Pouches
V&YOU &CHILL 'Citrus' 20mg CBD Pouches

Opening the can, there’s a strong pleasant aroma of citrus Not too heavy on the lemon side (as is often the case with citrus flavours) but a warmer, fruity smell without the sharpness of lemon.

The pouches themselves are what anyone familiar with nicotine pouches would consider within the ‚Äėslim‚Äô category - however, each pouch contains a fair amount of substance which puts these on the chunkier end of the scale. All that being said they sit comfortably between the lip and gum without any irritation.

Now I‚Äôm personally a big fan of citrus flavours - hence picking this can for my first purchase - but they can sometimes suffer from being a little too bold. As with the smell of these pouches - the taste is also very pleasant - but not in your face. A subtle citrus flavour that I think sits well with the presentation and promotion of the product. ‚Äė&CHILL‚Äô encompasses the flavour reasonably well - not in your face like a high strength nicotine pouch - but subtle, long-lasting (the packaging advises 45 minutes of use) and enjoyable.

The dosage and price point for these pouches also puts them pretty high up the list when it comes to enjoyable but cost-effective ways to consume CBD. If, like myself you enjoy nicotine pouches throughout the day, adding CBD is only going to open you up to its potential health benefits, but also reduce the amount of nicotine you consume daily. They’re also great for unwinding in the evening when a nicotine pouch is only going to keep you awake.

Verdict -

For those of you looking to try CBD, or already take it on other forms - I’d highly recommend the V&YOU pouches if not for value for money alone - but it helps that the citrus flavour is certainly appealing to someone like me!

For me the benefit is being able to enjoy a reasonable dosage of CBD over a longer period than simply dropping liquid under my tongue - and the flavouring presents an opportunity to sit back and enjoy some time out with a pouch format I’m familiar with.

The only negative I can take away is that the pouches are pretty dry in the mouth - this means the flavour is a little less obvious.

Comparisons to Cannadips (review here) -

The increased dosage is a big plus for the V&YOU pouches - however, the flavour is slightly less pronounced. The Cannadips products - with their strong branding and features like the metal can and high build quality make them seem like a more premium product.

For me - if I had all the money in the world - between the two citrus options - the Cannadips do have a certain appeal... that being said - I don't - so I'd go for V&YOU due to their value for money. It's also a great product in its own right.

It's also worth noting V&YOU have a range of nicotine pouches - which I'll be looking at soon. I like the mood distinction idea between ranges - so am looking forward to writing up a few reviews.

You can view and buy the '&CHILL' CBD range directly from V&YOU here - or follow the banner below to visit their homepage.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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