V&YOU - &BOOST ‘Berry’ Nicotine Pouches Review

Product Reviews Sep 23, 2020

As mentioned in a previous review - V&YOU have two nicotine pouch ranges - ‘&FOCUS’ has 6mg of nicotine per portion compared to the ‘&BOOST’ range we'll be looking at today which has 10mg per pouch.

My last review was on the 'Citrus' flavoured pods, so as I'm a man of consistency... I'll be looking first at the 'Berry' &BOOST nicopod.

Here we'll be looking at the (10mg nicotine per pouch) V&YOU &BOOST 'Berry' nicotine pouch -

V&YOU &BOOST 'Berry' Nicotine Pouch
V&YOU &BOOST 'Berry'

The can is filled with a sweet, almost candy-like berry aroma and the pouches have the same soft feel I've described before. They're nice plump pillows  - with just the right amount of filling.

Once placing the pouch under my gum - you get the same initial tingling feeling nicotine pouch users will be used to - but surprising despite the higher nicotine content these pouches aren't as 'in your face' as the citrus variety and don't have that sharpness.

The berry flavour is very pleasant - the pouches relatively strong (10mg per pouch) - but they're enjoyable to use. They're dry - like I prefer - with a fruity berry taste that lasts longer than the 30 minutes of use advertised on the packaging.

Verdict -

As with a lot of flavours - 'berry' is interesting and there is a range of different fruity berry flavours out there. This is a kind of like a very light forest fruits flavour with strong overtones of raspberry.

I'll wait on trying the 'Citrus' variant to offer a solid opinion but V&YOU continues to look strong with well made, tasty and usable products. They're also priced extremely well at £5.99 direct from their website.

These pouches sit in a nice nicotine content range for me (10mg per pouch), have a comfortable build quality and a strong flavour - I'd certainly recommend if you have similar tastes to my own. The 'Citrus' review should reveal any big differences between the ranges!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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