V&YOU - &Boost 'Air' (10mg) Flavour-Free Nicotine Pouch Review

Dec 1, 2020

It is raining in Greece. This is just outrageous! Zeus is obviously upset and Apollo has buggered off with the sun, so unless I slaughter a lamb or something, I don't think I'm getting out of the house for photos today.

And I have a can of 'Air' on my desk this morning!

It Does What it Says on the Tin

'Air' is the flavour-free pouch (flavour?!) from V&YOU's '&Boost' nicotine pouch range. The last time I ever consumed a product claiming to be flavourless was when I unwisely bought a massive 5kg bag of protein powder because it had 5% more protein in it than the chocolate option. It was so incredibly flavourless that I couldn't even give it away and it ended up in the bin!

Looking at this can, my hope is that it doesn't taste like the air I sampled during bleak business trips to Beijing, where you have to chain smoke so you can actually breath. Jokes aside, I have enjoyed V&YOU's limited range of flavour offerings, so it does feel odd to substitute them for the flavour-free 'Air'.

As I head to the kitchen to put the kettle on for my morning coffee, it starts to make sense. I've decided to be kind to myself recently and have bought a bag of decent quality 'AA' grade Kenyan coffee, a pleasant change from the granulated instant mud I too often start my day with!

V&You 'Air' with Kenyan 'AA' Grade Coffee

For all the great flavours of nicotine pouches on the market, there is no avoiding the fact that on occasion some flavours do clash a bit with certain food and drink pairings.

If you have been saving an expensive bottle of Bordeaux, an 18 year single malt or as in my case, an AA quality Arabica, then 'Air' may well be worth having to hand. Another use case might be for that special meal at a fancy restaurant and you don't want your Porterhouse steak to taste like strawberries.

This seems to be the vacuum V&YOU are filling with 'Air'.

Simple Instructions

I have no qualms about the quality of V&YOU's product. As I try these, I'm not tasting anything at all noticeable. My coffee tastes great whilst also enjoying a gentle morning stream of nicotine from these 10mg pouches. There's not much more to add really, I could talk more about the coffee!

One small thing I'll comment on is V&YOU's can design (some other brands do it as well) - the side of the can is printed with simple instructions. Many people are new to nicotine pouches, it's a sunrise industry and product so it's a good idea to provide new users with an instant visual idea as to what they are about. The easier the industry makes it for people to switch from smoking, the better.

I hope you all have a great week ahead. Pinch, punch, first of the month!

Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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