The Pod Block Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Oct 8, 2020
The Pod Block is a newly established business based inside of the United Kingdom. With one goal! To supply HIGH quality Nicopods (nicotine pouches)...

The Pod Block is a pretty sweet looking website, easy to navigate and with a simple but effective design (who doesn't like a spaceman!).

The Pod Block homepage.

The Pod Block range is mainly products on the extreme end of the nicotine strength spectrum - with products ranging from ~36mg/g all the way up to 120mg - and pricing per can starts at £6.99 (at time of writing). They also offer a wholesale service for those looking to buy in boxes as opposed to individual cans or sleeves.

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Products are regularly discounted - and their best sellers feature prominently on the homepage. Products are also discounted when multiple cans are purchased - offering customers a single can all the way up to a box (240 cans) and a reduced price per unit. The one issue here I'd highlight is the price per unit when you look at buying in bulk isn't immediately obvious.

The Pod Block product page.

Whilst the product range isn't exactly up my alley - it's really going to appeal to those who are looking for maximum strength nicopods - and they have a wider selection of flavours that cater to all tastes - from soft drink inspired flavours through to a range of fruity nicotine pouches. For those looking to dive in at the deep end - this is certainly a store for you!

Brands available include the ever-popular 'Pablo', 'Kurwa', 'Iceberg' and more - offering a diverse range of flavour options for its customers.

The Pod Block brands.

Verdict -

Score - 4.2/5 - So the site is nice to look at, easy to browse - but the reason for my slightly lower score than normal is the currently limited product range in terms of strength. Now some people are going to love this - but I always think it's a better bet to also offer milder flavours for those that are new to nicotine pouches - though I expect this will change if their customers demands do. Score aside - this is a great site for nicotine pouches at the high end of the nicotine content scale - design wise it's one of the nicer looking sites I've reviewed.

Their pricing for products and delivery (£5 for first-class) is also a little higher than you might find elsewhere for single cans - but they do stock a fair few products that were new to me (and offer bulk discounts) - so a great place to explore new brands.

If extreme nicopods are for you - follow the banner below to browse the stock and buy yourself some goodies -


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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