The Latest and Greatest Surge Can Design

Product Reviews Mar 16, 2021

So anyone that’s watched my love shows, read previous reviews or looked at our photography will know that I love the Surge can. For me is an everyday carry item - and with the divider - is perfect for carrying your favourite nicotine pouches.

So what is the Surge can?

The Surge can from Surge Global is an anodized CNC aluminium snus container. They also produce an accompanying 3-way divider unit which allows you to carry 3 different types of snus / nicotine pouches with you in a secure, stylish and well-built container.

The cans come in a range of styles and colours - and each item is interchangeable - so you can mix it up with your colours. They’re especially robust units - and have a great feel in-hand. You can read my original review here.

Surge are a UK based company from Manchester in England - and importantly are Manchester City fans not United!

Now I’m writing this quick update as Surge have made a small - but extremely useful change to their latest iteration of the product.

As the above photo comparison hopefully shows - the ‘old’ design was a single rubber seal covering the entirety of the interior. With the new design - there is a single rubber o-ring embedded around halfway up the interior.

This has the effect of preventing you from being able to simply pull the lid off (or for it to fall off) - instead you need to twist and pull.

It’s a small but simple change that creates a watertight seal (though I wouldn’t go swimming with one!) and makes the container much more secure. Not that it was a huge issue with the ‘old’ design - but now there’s no chance at all that the lid is going to come off by accident, and you lose your precious pouches.

So a simple and element change has led to a much improved container and shows that the company and its products are evolving - which I love to see from a UK based firm.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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