TABS 'Strawberry' (25mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Aug 15, 2020

So I mean this in the best possible way - but I was actually pretty surprised at how good these nicotine pouches from First Line Pods are.

TABS is a British brand - with the pouches being produced in India. These are on an introductory price of £3.50, so you can forgive me for being a little skeptical right?

So I opened up the can of Strawberry nicopods and the first thing that stuck me is that they look and feel pretty well-made. Now not as good as say a - a pouch from Ace Super White - but these are pretty decent. They sit comfortably enough in the mouth and are on the slim side of ‘slim’ in terms of pouch contents.

TABS 'Strawberry' (25mg) Nicotine Pouches
TABS 'Strawberry' (25mg)

The flavour hits you when you first open the can - but it’s not overly strong in terms of taste or smell - though it is pleasant and not too sweet. More ‘strawberries and cream’ than ‘candy shop sweets’.

It’s impossible not to recommend these at their current price - so I’d grab them while you can before it goes up. A tasty treat perfect for summer.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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