TABS 'Ice Mint' (25mg 'Extra Strong') Nicotine Pouch Review

Nov 21, 2020

Happy weekend Nicotine Freaks,

The first UK brand of nicotine pouches is on the agenda today.

TABS is an OEM brand developed by the well-known UK-based retailer, As a half-Brit myself, it is pleasing to see a UK offering finally out there. Let us fly the Union Jack today and have a go then! 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

TABS Making a Splash onto the Nicotine Pouch Market

The TABS ‘Ice Mint’ can’s branding is a nice light blue and white – always a suitable colour combination for an ice cool mint vibe - I am probably a little bias towards it considering the other half of me and my current location 😉🇬🇷

Containing 20 pouches at a total weight of 11g, TABS branding proudly emboldens the front and edges of this lightweight can, with the added wording, ICE MINT, ALL WHITE and EXTRA STRONG on the front, with three dots representing an indication of strength profile.

On the reverse of the can, something glared at me. In a past life, I was living in China for 7 years involved in manufacturing consumer products for export, so I am more than used to and very forgiving of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on initial labelling and production runs (these things happen). On the other hand, as a native English speaker and without wishing to be overly picky here, “Made in Indian” is not the one. It is tiny complaint and something which I am quite sure TABS will easily rectify for their next round of production but as a British brand, let’s get it right!

Can Reverse

Coming in at a strength of 25mg, the experience came across as rather mild – nothing too powerful and nothing too strong - gentle and refreshing. Being subtle, without an overpowering taste, inexperienced users would have no issue hitting the ground running with these pouches. Personally, the Ice Mint flavouring did not shine through as strongly as I would have hoped but it was certainly there, albeit a little low-key.


Something about TABS which stands out high above the parapet and which I must strongly emphasise, is that these pouches are extremely good value for money. They are very well priced! During these difficult economic times, a lot of us need to be watching the pennies so that the pounds can look after themselves. In addition, a healthy market must provide consumers with a range of pricing points and TABS have hit the nail on the head on here. For those that are understandably cautious with their spending habits at the present time, TABS is an excellent budget offering which delivers true bang for your buck.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Overall, a fairly average offering in a crowded flavour category (Ice Mint). You get what you pay for. However, TABS is certainly worth a try for those on a budget and for those who want to experience for themselves the great value for money that is on offer here.

Stay safe everyone, I am getting out of the house for some fresh air and a well-needed state-sanctioned lock down walk through the olive groves, TABS can in hand!

Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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