Supreme ‘Cold Apple and Cinnamon’ Nicotine Pouch Review (100mg)

Product Reviews Feb 8, 2021

I’ll be looking at a lot of the most popular flavours from the three biggest Russian nicopod brands: Supreme, Candy Shop and Iceberg. Today I’m going to tell you about the very interesting Supreme ‘Cold Apple and Cinnamon’.

Anyone who prides themselves on their fashion knowledge will instantly recognize the design of the can. The fresh green background is littered with gold Louis Vuitton stars. A graphic image of a green apple next to some cinnamon sticks, with “cold green apple”, and “100 mg” written next to it, surrounded by a golden rectangle. I really like this tub, even if it is breaking countless copyright laws.

I have never tried a cinnamon flavoured pouch (or apple come to think of it), so I was excited to see what this one tasted like. When putting my nose to the can, I’m hit with a strong whiff of cinnamon. There isn’t really any sign of an apple scent, but that’s not surprising as cinnamon has a much stronger smell. The initial taste is just of cinnamon, but after a minute or so the subtle apple flavour begins creeping in.

The flavour and nicotine sensation hits quickly, and remains strong throughout the 5-10 minutes that I leave the pouch in, and you shouldn’t be leaving pouches of this strength in for any longer than that. The flavour remains prevalent on my gum for a while after I take it out, which is nice.

I would recommend this flavour, but not as an all-day every day portion. 1 or 2 a day is fine, but if you’re using pouches frequently throughout the day, the 100 mg/g strength could leave you with a bit of a headache by the evening.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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