SnusCon 2020: Reviewers Panel

The Nicotine Pouch Market Oct 28, 2020

SnusCon is a yearly event held in the United States - bringing together reviewers, manufacturers and other industry experts. This year - due to the COVID-19 pandemic - it was a 'virtual' event - with participants joining from across the world via Zoom.

You can see the full line up of events held here.

The event featured several of the key players in the snus and nicotine pouch market - including; 77, Cannadips (USA), Dholakia Tobacco, Surge Global and more.

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited by to join the reviewers' panel held on the last day of the event.

This session featured Chad Jones (Snubie), Chris Nash (Snusology), Larry Waters (SnusCENTRAL), Matt Campbell (SnusCENTRAL/SnusTV), Tom (Smokeless Choice) and myself.

It was a great evening of discussion with some fellow reviewers - much more experienced than myself - and covered a range of topics - including the increasing presence of nicotine pouches in the marketplace. You can watch the full video below -

You can find all the videos recorded for this years events - and for the past few year's on Snubie's playlist here.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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