SNÖ 'Cinnamon' (7mg) Nicotine Pouches Review

Product Reviews Oct 13, 2020

So as part of my recent review of First Line Pods - I received an unexpected item with my delivery -  a cardboard box I initially thought they'd included by mistake!

However, these were, in fact, nicotine pouches from a brand I'd not heard of before called 'SNÖ'.

Watch to see how the packaging opens.

Due to my intrigued I actually reached out directly about the brand to find out a little more - so will be covering them in more depth in a later article. One of the things that came out of our conversation that I'll share now, however, is that they opt for what they term a 'low nic high kick' approach - which is certainly something I can get behind myself.

Now on to the product itself... the most obvious feature of-course is the 'no plastic' packaging. Now, this generally seems like a pretty smart idea - even if you're not the eco-warrior type. Given the number of plastic cans laying around my house, it's certainly one that makes sense.

The box slides open to reveal the main container - with a perforated tab to open the box at the top - inside reveals the slim format nicotine pouches themselves -

My first impression was the pouches are a little stiff to the touch - very similar to 'On!' pouches if you've tried them before - and this pack had a wonderfully warm aroma of cinnamon bursting out the box.

The pouches sit nice and comfortably in the mouth - and due to their firmer form factor - are easily placed directly onto the gum without any faffing around - not like some of the quite bloated pouches you can come across.

The flavour - from a personal perspective - is fantastic. It's a warm, bakery like cinnamon taste that really stands aside from the fruity or minty nicotine pouch flavours I usually see. It's perhaps not one for those looking for a sharp, intense flavour experience - it's more of a slow, warm taste.

Now my nicotine tolerance has shot up since testing a whole range of products - but at 7mg these are perfect pouches for when you want something less intense with a deep flavour - perfect for the evenings for example.

As I mentioned earlier in my article - I'll be taking a closer look at the brand later of - but at this stage, it's certainly a product I can easily endorse - both due to its eco-credentials and it's a unique flavour of the pouches I've tried. They offer 4 flavours in total - but we'll be coming on to that later!

An English language site is in the works - but you can learn more about them here -

You can buy SNÖ pouches from First Line Pods following the banner below -


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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