Featured Brands: Q+A with Dragos Catalin, Co-Owner of PURE Nicotine Pouches (Nicton Group)

Pure Jul 19, 2021

Hi Dragos, thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what you do?

Hi Nicotine Freak, it's great to be having a chat! My background is in international business and trade (Holland 5 years, China 7 years, Romania 5 years, UK currently). I'm passionate about harm reduction and have extensive career experience in vaping, nicotine manufacturing and e-liquid distribution.
I run Nicton's operations in the UK and Romania, which includes two offices (Wolverhampton and London) and a warehouse (Birmingham) in the UK. In addition I am responsible for Nicton's EU Product Distribution Hub in Romania.

This is an exciting time for us because we've created a product in our own factories that matches and arguably exceeds the quality you'd expect from more well-known Swedish brands. On this basis, I expect and hope that Nicton will become the leading Russian brand and manufacturer of nicotine pouches and other harm reduction products within five years!

How did PURE come into being as a brand and what is its relationship to Nicton?

Nicton is an international group of companies focused on research and development of unique products within the nicotine pouch category. The company has two manufacturing plants. The first plant is dedicated to nicotine pouch production. The second, the construction of which will be completed this year, is dedicated to nicotine production. PURE, Nicton’s own brand, was created as the logical conclusion of the company's technological and marketing experience.

In fact, PURE is a new concept in the category. Nicton is not simply an OEM pouch manufacturer. We add value based on the latest industry insights and research and delivering what the market is demanding. PURE is the result.

What makes Nicton unique as a nicotine pouch manufacturer?

Nicton is not simply an OEM manufacturer - we innovate based on market trends. We have our own unique formulation, we possess an immense amount of knowhow within our team, we utilise oxidation protection technology allowing us to use free-based nicotine, among others. Our R&D department is engaged in a continuous process of product development, improvement and innovation.

Are all your products and ingredients manufactured in Russia? Why are you different from other Russian manufacturers?

We are an international group of companies, however, our plant producing nicotine pouches is based in Russia. There are several important reasons for this. Firstly, the scientific and technological environment in Russia is very strong. The country has superb scientists and a developed industrial infrastructure. As I have mentioned, we are currently building our own factory specialising in raw nicotine production. There are very few factories of this type within Europe. To support our work, Nicton has a long-term collaboration with Alchem (Swiss leader in the phytochemical industry).
We are a responsible manufacturer and care deeply about our customers and our market reputation. In Russia, we see many brands simply trying to earn as much as they can, as quickly as they can before leaving the market. The common strategy seems to be introducing low-quality product with uncontrolled amounts of nicotine to the market (usually very very high), create a marketing buzz, sell the stock and move on fast.

These businesses do not possess well-organized production lines, R&D departments, scientific staff or test laboratories… nothing. All they have is a primitive production line. Our strategy is totally different. With the quality we have reached with PURE, we do not see our competitors in Russia. Instead, we see our competition as being the top selling and well-known brands from the EU, Scandinavia and the UK.

What was the inspiration behind the PURE’s colourful branding and concept?

People are all different right?! From country to country and from town to town. Every single human is unique. We support this idea and this inspired PURE’s colorful branding.

What were the driving factors behind your choice in flavours?

Market research and consumer feedback points us in the right direction. We maintain a balance between classic successful flavours which do not go out of fashion and introducing totally new products flavourings. Our WILD product line is a good example of this.

What makes PURE unique from other nicotine pouch brands?

Top quality (the most important component – nicotine – is medical 99.5% pure nicotine from Alchem), our unique pouch formula, oxidation protection technology, our wide range of flavours and strengths and a deep and wide multi stage marketing concept.

And most importantly - where can the customer buy PURE pouches?

We began our own retail distribution in the UK in June and soon you'll be able to find PURE in your favourite stores. During the summer we will also launch our EU retail division through our network of distributors. No matter where you are, you can always get hold of our nicotine pouches on our online store too.

Anything else you’d like to add for our audience?

Give us a call and give PURE a try ;) We've introduced a unique brand created from the beginning as a top quality product.

We are proud to be eliminating smoking-associated health risks and giving our customers a better quality of life. The future of nicotine consumption is nicotine pouches, everyone can see it. PURE intends to play a key role in this future!

If you would like to know more about PURE/Nicton Brands you can contact Dragos directly at the details below:

Nicton UK

[email protected]
+44 7923196217

Planetary Business Centre Office 2,
Planetary Road, Willenhall,
West Midlands,
England, WV13 3SW


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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