PURE Nicotine Pouches (20mg) Range Review

Product Reviews Jan 4, 2021

PURE is a new brand on the block and one to watch in 2021!

Who Are PURE?

Under its umbrella company, Nicton Group, PURE has recently established a permanent office in the UK, a logical strategic decision in light of Britain being a major growth markets for nicotine pouches.

Nicton Brands

As a new brand, a key focus of PURE is undoubtedly raising brand awareness (hello!), safeguarding integrity and forming new partnerships with retailers and distributors. For retailers reading, PURE could be a very welcome and attractive addition to your product range. For consumers reading, PURE might just end up being your brand of choice. Do read on.

After a month in the chaotic Christmas postal system and probably a few Greek donkey rides later, the samples arrive and I hope they're not too upset about being here.

It's Terrible Here

After chatting on the phone, it became immediately clear that Dragos Catalin, Co-Owner / CCO at Nicton Group UK Ltd, in addition to being an amiable chap is proud of what he's doing and takes quality, transparency and his brand's integrity very seriously.

It is important for all new brands to establish integrity from the outset. Therefore, PURE have had all SKUs individually tested in specialist laboratories. Nicotine Freak has seen these reports and I am sure Dragos would gladly release them to interested parties as well.

Let's Have a Closer Look at PURE

First impressions were good. The packaging and branding appealed immediately. Upon closer inspection and perhaps most importantly, the pouches themselves are well-made.

Nicton's PURE brand is available in seven flavours - Wildberry, Melon, Barberry, Wild Mint ('Siberian Mint'), Orange, 'standard' Mint and 'Feijoa'. I had to Google Feijoa, I'm not ashamed to admit! It turns out Feijoa is a popular fruit from South America and is currently still in production.

There's quite a bit to play with here - the range does lean towards the fruity side, yet the choice provides something to please most tastes.

We like PURE's branding. The varied flavour range has been paired with a bright and polychrome/rainbow branding mood which is attractive on the eye. This has been well thought out.

The cans feel sturdy, well-built and have a lid compartment. The only issue is a very minor manufacturing mistake on the size of the 'outer' layer of the can, which is about 1mm or so too big, causing a small crease. We barely noticed it to be honest - Dragos and the team had made us aware of it beforehand, however. Label errors often occur on first production runs, so this will be easy for Nicton to sort out.

It'll be a breeze compared to a production nightmare I once had to deal with in China some years ago. Four days before shipping two 40" HQ containers absolutely rammed with 50,000 light jackets bound for Mexico, we discovered to our horror that an unknown number of units (far beyond tolerance) needed their zippers replaced due to an apparently 'unseen' quality defect. Of course, the defected items had been randomly distributed among the bulk cargo. Great job 'QC guy', you were worth every penny the factory presumably paid you to try and cover that one up.

At least we outed the conspiracy - there was no point in playing the blame game as the scale of the problem emerged. Everything had to be unpacked and fixed. Mountains and mountains of jackets. Those four days felt like an entire year's worth of stress and frustration all at once. My hairs are standing on end just thinking about it. But we got the goods out to La Mexico on time in the end!

'Strength' and Rapidity of Nicotine Release

While this is a subjective matter, to us these are 'strong' nicotine pouches. Not because of their overall nicotine content, at only 2omg, but because the nicotine release is rapid. Nicton's Pure Encaps™ pouch technology is designed for this purpose. We felt an effect within 2-3 minutes. This is significantly faster than the average nicotine pouch. This is why the product is intended to be used for a maximum of 5 minutes as is clearly indicated on the rear of the can in the picture below.


These pouches taste good. Genuinely. We think PURE are up there when compared to equivalents from more established and well-known brands. We were particularly impressed with this aspect of the product - my own personal preference is for the orange and melon.

Richard Crosby, my partner at Nicotine Freak, is a man who has tasted more nicotine pouches than most people have had hot dinners. He also believes that PURE's flavourings are noteworthy, with his preference being for the Wildberry. Big thumbs up from us in that department.

The Future of PURE

At the time of writing, plans are underway at Nicton to start manufacturing in Italy. Futhermore, PURE is to offer two new strengths, one of which will be 12mg. This will drive PURE's appeal to a wider consumer market. It is an especially wise move, when one considers the strengths offered by major brands and competitors PURE will be up against - the likes of Nordic Spirit and ZYN. A weather vein of sorts.

As someone who prefers using a pouch for more than 5 minutes, especially ones with PURE's great flavourings, we very much look forward to trying out these lower strength offerings from PURE when they become available.

On the issue of rates of nicotine delivery from pouches, the jury is still out. It is a matter of personal preference. We know retailers offering products with even higher strengths/release rates claiming that they are still selling well out there.

PURE have made their debut. Their attractive branding, packaging, flavours and high pouch quality are all there (with scientific reports to prove it). These things bode very well for their brand. All in all, it is a decent product. We only wish we could enjoy the flavour for more than 5 minutes! We await 2021 developments at PURE with anticipation.

I wish you all a very happy 2021, you all deserve it.


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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