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The Nicotine Pouch Market Aug 3, 2020

With a range of brands and manufactures on the market - and pouches being produced across Europe - there is quite a range in terms of nicotine pouch portion size, shape and importantly quality. From the small but sturdy pouches of the On! brand to the rougher slim pouches of Skruff - this range mean it's often the case that finding the right nicotine pouch for you isn't just about flavour - but your preferences around the 'feel' of the pouch in your mouth.

Now as is often the case with my articles - this will be far from unbiased as I have a personal clear favourite - 'Ministry of Snus' - the Danish manufactures behind one of my favourite brands 'Ace' - for me will always win hands down. The pouches are made to a superb quality, size is just right for me - and they sit comfortably on my gum.

One issue I find with other manufactures is the pouch seems larger than the contents requires - and you can often be left with the content clumping at one end.

But of course - each to their own - so I'm going to have a look at some of the options that are out there...

General Formats

Nicotine pouches typically come in a 'large' (sometimes called 'regular') or 'slim' size - the pouch at the top of the image below is regular / large and the pouch on the bottom - slim. Both these examples are from 'White Fox' -

Slim pouches are generally the norm when you look at the products on the market - and these fit neatly between your lip and gum for discreet usage. Hour long meeting? Stuck on a flight? Pop one of the slim pouches in and no one will ever know.

Header photo courtesy of 'Ministry of Snus'


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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