Pods Warehouse Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Oct 5, 2020
At Pods Warehouse, we are dedicated to personal harm-reduction and working towards a smoke free world. We do this by promoting and offering a range of nicotine pods from a number of reputable brands that are proven to reduce the risk of harm when using nicotine products.

So on first loading up the Pods Warehouse website - I must say I was impressed. Visual it looks pretty stunning - and you can tell some serious effort has gone into the design on the site. Graphics look classy and bespoke and the simple but clean website looks fantastic.

Pods Warehouse Homepage
Pods Warehouse Homepage

In terms of product range - these guys are currently stock 'Zyn', 'Lyft' and 'Ace' - so it's perfect for those looking for nicotine pouches / nicopods in the 'sensible' nicotine content range.

Products are also reasonably priced - with discounts available on 3 or more units. The product pages on th site are also great - with key information such as flavour, format and strength -

Verdict -

Overall this looks like a strong new retailer - with a clean and simple website with some great prices - and a product range that suits me perfectly.

All orders are also shipped first class which is a bonus.

Now knowing the marketplace - the one downside is that those looking for an EXTREME nicotine pouch won't find it here - the range is also currently a little limited with only 3 brands (albeit goods ones) so the choice isn't as big as some of the other sites.

I'd give these guys a 4.3/5 - mainly due to the quality of the website build - but it could certainly increase that score by stocking a wider range of products and catering for different tastes.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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