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Retailer Reviews Aug 11, 2020

Now in this review I'm going to be a little over critical on the design side of things - just as the bar is so low in terms of the quality of some of the retailer sites out there. Overall I had a great ordering experience and would highly recommend Pods and Pouches when looking for nicotine pouches in the UK. Now to the full review...


'Pods and Pouches' are a large UK based nicotine pouch / nicopod retailer offering free delivery with all orders, a wide range of big name products and great mix and match and special offer deals. They stock all white snus nicopods from brands such as 'Killa' and 'Pablo' among some more of my own personal favourites. What are nicopods? Check our overview here.

Retailer - Pods and Pouches
URL - https://podsandpouches.co.uk/
Country - UK
Order - 10x Misc. Cans (see below)

I opted to order 10 individual cans of my choosing to see the affects of brand and multi-buy discounts (both of which were applied) to get an idea of price. This isn't my typical order - and my recommendation to people is do a few orders like this - shop across the product range then settle on one or two you like. You'll then see substantial savings when you stock up in bulk.

My Order -

  • Killa Cola × 1
  • Killa Fusion × 1
  • LYFT Berry Frost × 1
  • LYFT Lime × 1
  • ACE Superwhite Slim - Citrus × 1
  • LYFT Ruby Berry × 1
  • LYFT Tropic Breeze × 1
  • Paz Ice Red × 1
  • LYFT Urban Vibe × 1
  • Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus ×1

The Review

The Website -

The site itself is pretty basic. Now there’s nothing at all wrong with it by any means - but it just lacks any kind of creative imagery and is really a basic colour scheme with completely suitable - yet somewhat uninspiring product photos.

Now nicotine pouches is maybe a hard subject to make ‘sexy’ - but I think a bit more effort in terms of presentation, lifestyle imagery, more exciting product photos… it just lacks that something special.

The site homepage - it's colourful and highlights their best offers.

There are also a few pretty standard display issues when browsing the site on a mobile device - but as I said - the site is pretty basic - so it’s easy to navigate and you won’t have issues finding what you want - and it looks a lot better on a desktop. Importantly I could checkout easily on my mobile phone (as I prefer to do for a lot of my purchases) and had no issues whatsoever.

In my view the visuals of the site just need a little something extra. To give an example the same stock photo of a snowboarder is used waaaay to many times!

But... at the end of the day it's price and service that really matter...

The product page - does job but doesn't quite sell it unless you know what you are buying.

The Products -

One of the key selling points for Pods and Pouches is they stock major brands like Ace, Pablo and Killa at reasonable prices. I can buy a can of Nordic Spirit from Tesco now for £6.50 - single cans here range from £6.50 to £7.50 including delivery - so all in all good value for money. But I’ll revisit pricing...

There’s no structure or sorting of the products as such - and you can only browse either all products or sale items - then refine your selection by brand and strength (and strength filtering isn’t working at time of writing).

Browing the 'shop' page. Top products... browsing could be improved.

Now the product collection isn’t so massive it can’t be browsed easily enough and it’s fine if you know what you’re looking for - but as I’ve mentioned in previous reviews - the ability to refine by flavour, brand, price and other useful attributes would be something I’d like to see more of. I also think this would help out first time buyers who I can imagine being a little overwhelmed by choice.

All products have a very minimal description (pretty much name and strength) - but then again there’s only so much to be said and you know what you’re buying.

I’ll be reviewing the treasure trove of products I received - so watch out for updates. You can see my review of the Lyft Urban Vibe Strong (14mg) Pouch here.

Pricing -

So obviously a key (if not only) reason for choosing one seller over another...

First off it’s worth stating all prices shown on the site include free delivery - which if you average in at around £2.50 an order on most sites that do charge - it makes the can prices extremely attractive. With prices from £6.50 delivered - that’s probably the cheapest you’re going to get a can delivered to your door right now. And these are big brand products  who’s quality you can rely on (Ace, Skruff, Lyft etc.) - not some of the less established names finding their way onto the market recently which aren’t always the same standard.

The mix and match bundle deals they offer are also great too - giving you the opportunity to try several different brands / flavours still you settle on your favourite and can start buying bigger. There’s also a ‘same brand’ discount which can be used to make your ‘stock up’ orders cheaper. Which leads onto my next point...

Special offers -

So here’s where you’ll find some deals that are going to be extremely hard to be outside of going to an EU retailer and incurring the shipping wait. At time of writing this review you can get some major brand products for £35 for 10 cans delivered 1st class recorded delivery via Royal Mail included in the price.

If you find what suits you here - £3.50 a can and on your doorstep the next day is about as cheap and quick as you’ll ever find.

Packaging and Delivery -

All orders over 1 cans are sent 1st class recorded with Royal Mail and the items arrived well packaged and in a timely fashion as you’d expect. I’m used to waiting on imports from Europe for a big buy so this is another point in Pods and Pouches favour.

Verdict -

Score - 4.8/5 - So first off - the score would have been a 5 - but the few minor gripes I had with the website and the lack of any product refinement options pulled it down - other than that there’s very little to fault.

When delivery is factored in - products are extremely well priced, you have a wide range of quality products (which is important in a growing market) and orders are dispatched promptly and arrive at the door well packaged.

One thing I’ve found when browsing loads of nicotine pouch stores online is no one place seems to have it all in terms of brands, strengths of flavours. When it comes to Pods and Pouches - they stock all my go to favourites and can deliver them quickly and at a good price. For this reason I think Pods and Pouches may well become my main choice for big brands - but I do still enjoy shopping around smaller stores for the newer products. Fans of big names like 'Pablo' and 'Killa' will be pleased at the pricing too.

They’re also currently offering a custom Surge can on all orders over £50 which I recommend buying anyway!

All said and done - the score of 4.8/5 speaks for itself.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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