PAZ Limited Edition ‘Berrygold Frost’ (9mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Nov 9, 2020

After reviewing the latest PAZ ‘Ice Red’ and ‘Ice Blue’ flavours from Indian manufacturer Dholakia Tobacco - the company offered to send me a sample of their limited edition ‘berrygold frost’ flavour.

The Latest Range from PAZ
The Latest Range from PAZ

For those unfamiliar with PAZ - the Indian produced nicotine pouches - but easily live up to their European counterparts in terms of production quality and I rate the ‘Ice Blue’ flavour particularly highly. You can check out my review here.

I’m personally more inclined towards fruity flavours myself - so a chance to try out the ‘berrygold frost’ from PAZ was a real treat - especially considering I’ve not seen them for sale anywhere yet!

The branding on the can is inline with the latest ‘Ice Red’ and ‘Ice Blue’ packaging - and is a step up from the original ‘Ice Red’ which was a little plain. The container has a dark blue top with gloss gold writing on top which I’m sure my photos don’t do justice.

The PAZ 'Berrygold Frost' Can

The pouch is ⅘ of PAZ’s strength scale - putting it on par with the ‘Ice Blue’ nicopods (9mg/g).

The aroma of the pouches when you open the can is sweet - a prominent berry flavour with a sharp note of citrus and mild mint. The pouches are a standard ‘slim’ format and are well made - feeling nice and smooth to the touch.

When it comes to flavour - once the pouch is inside your mouth the citrus flavours become more prominent - complementing the blueberry like fruity flavour of the pouch. There’s also a slight hint of mint to get that tingling sensation.

The flavour is reasonably long-lasting (at least 30 minutes) and the pouches are nice and comfortable against the gum. Because of that hint of mint, the tingly sensation lasts longer than some other ‘fruity’ pouches which is pleasant - and I’ve been using these daily whilst working in a hospital last week.

I felt particularly lucky to be able to try out these pouches - and hopefully, PAZ looks to produce a wider range of flavours in the future.

I’d highly recommend these pouches to any existing pouch user - and even those looking to move away from smoking / vaping - however, I fear they may be in short supply!

Thanks to Dholakia Tobacco for sending across the samples - as expected - they were a treat to enjoy!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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