Nordic Spirit ‘Berry and Stripes’ (9mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Dec 4, 2020

Opening the can of limited edition Nordic Spirit ‘Strawberry & Stripes’ - you get an immediate aroma of strawberries… not too sweet - but more of a ‘strawberries and cream’ vibe. The aroma is pronounced yet nuanced more so than other strawberry flavours I’ve tried in the past.

As with all Nordic Spirit products - it’s produced to a high standard in terms of packaging and the quality of the product itself. Pouches are soft and pillow-like - and the contents fill the pouches nicely so you’re not left with too much loose pouch which can be a problem with some brands.

In terms of nicotine release - they’re much on par with standard Nordic Spirit pouches - a pleasant tingly sensation for around 15 minutes - with the taste lingering for up to an hour.

Now on to taste… which as you can imagine pretty much follows the aroma. It’s a subtle strawberry flavour which is nicely balanced in terms of its sweetness - and there's a hit of cream or something lighter than makes the flavour a little more complex.

The pouches are 9mg/g which works out at 6mg per pouch - which is a perfect strength for beginners - and also anyone looking to help reduce their level of traditional smoking.

Nordic Spirit - with their subtle flavours and well-made pouches are a brand I’ll always find myself coming back to - and these pouches could quite easily become an everyday choice - however, they are of course limited edition so you’ll need to find somewhere that stocks them. Follow the banner at the bottom of the page to check out Nic Pouch UK - the store I got my can from.

So to summarize - great-tasting pouch with a subtle and nuanced flavour and a well-made product with a comfortable form factor and cool can design.

I’d highly recommend trying to anyone who can get their hands on them! My can came from Nic Pouch UK who we've reviewed here.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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