NicoSmile Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Jan 17, 2021

NicoSmile are a UK based retailer offering a range of nicotine and CBD pouches from a host of different brands. They also offer a range of tobacco and nicotine free pouches - which whilst sold out at the time of writing - are something I'd be interested to try.

Our aim is to bring an old Swedish tradition, modified to suit the modern day nicotine user. we ensure orders will be delivered safely and efficiently to your doorstep. At we are extremely proud of being able to offer an alternative way to help you quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle.
The NicoSmile homepage.
The NicoSmile homepage.

NicoSmile's collection of brands is impressive - and what's nice is to tend to find they stock a wide range from each of those brands - which is a nice change compared to some sites. For example the entire Kurwa and LOOP line-ups are available along with other brands like Velo / Lyft, White Fox and a favourite of mine Sno. They also stock both Cannadips and V&YOU CBD pouches.

The NicoSmile product page.
The NicoSmile product page.

The site has a reasonable FAQ and 'How to Use' page - but visually it's not something spectacular. Outside the logo I suspect it's mostly stock images - but the design does make it simple and easy to browse by brand. One complaint I have as ever is I cannot refine by strength or flavour - but finding your favourite product is easy enough navigating by brand. Alternatively you can browse the entire store to see which new products to try.

The prices are reasonable - and are discounted when multiple cans are purchased for example their deals of Killa and Kurwa -

3 cans of killa or kurwa for £18 (saving £3)
5 cans of killa or kurwa for £25 (saving £10)
10 cans of killa or kurwa for £35 (saving £35)

There are also per unit savings when buying a specific can in bulk.

The ordering process is nice and simple - and products are delivery by Royal Mail First Class post.

Summary -

In summary - it's a basic but easy to navigate story with a nice large range of brands and reasonable prices when you take advantage of their multibuy offers. A little more visual flair would be nice - but there are at least consistent product imagery - clear information and the order process is nice and easy. I also love I place I can pick up CBD pouches alongside nicotine pouches.

Verdict -

I'd give NicoSmile a rating of 4.3/5 - this is mainly due to the lack of any real visual flair - but it makes up points for its huge product range and multibuy discounts. Pricing is competitive and the service good.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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