Nicotine Pouch Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Aug 18, 2020

So the website itself is modest shall we say - nothing to shout about - but the layout, product images and importantly prices are all reasonable. They have a strong range of products from Killa to Pablo - and they are easy to navigate by brand. Visit their site here - - I went for for 'Iceburg Lemonade' - which I'll review shortly.

They were just two down sides for me - just a couple of minor complaints…

It appears they only offer a special delivery option (which in many ways is great) - but this cost £6 itself, when it's £6 for a single can - it doesn't make your final basket looking great for smaller orders… special delivery is great for bigger orders which you’ll probably be making - but a bog standard first class option would help.

Second - the bulk of their product fall into the ‘extremely strong’ category - and outside of Killa and White Fox you won’t find anything with less than 75mg - perfect for the hardcore - bit too much for me!

It’s worth noting that the FAQ page on this site is pretty comprehensive! It contains a lot of key information that surprisingly a lot of sellers don’t bother to include.

The site works well on a mobile too which is great as it’s how I tend to make my purchases.

The Homepage on Mobile

The store itself is split by brand - as seems to be typical of nicotine pouch / nicotine sites in the UK - and personally I'd like to see more refinement such as sorting by taste, strength, etc. The brands they do have - they hold a reasonably wide range of products from that brand - and the range of flavours (taking all brand into account) across the site is pretty impressive. Collections Page also provide a wholesale service to larger clients.

There were no issues with my order it arrived promptly and undamaged - and you do get the benefits of a tracked service.

The site was easy to order from - and the multi-buy discounts were visible on each of the product pages. Checkout was easy and there were no issues with my order - which arrived prompty.

Verdict -

A great choice if you love your strong nicotine pouches / nicopods - and they stock brands you may struggle to find elsewhere. I’d recommend checking them out if you’re looking to try out something on the extreme end of the spectrum!

Score - 4.0/5 - It would be higher if there was a greater range of pouches for pansies like me!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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