Nicopod World Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Aug 1, 2021

So after a brief hiatus - Nicotine Freak our back with a brand new retailer review.

Nicopod World are a UK based online retailer specialising in nicotine pouches (or 'nicopods' if you prefer) as well as offering 'Siberia' chewbag products for those still looking for that traditional tobacco taste.

Here at Nicopod World, we offer an extensive collection of popular high-quality nicotine pouches & chewbags to customers in the UK. We started our company one year ago, and we are proud to represent the best brands of Nicopods and Chewbags . We provide our customers with a range of flavours and strengths, so you are sure to find the right Nicopod to suit your taste.
The Nicopod World Homepage
The Nicopod World Homepage

Nicopod World stock all the major brands - such as Nordic Spirit and Ace through to MAD and Supreme - so they're able to cater a range of customers - with products both relatively high and low in nicotine. This is great for someone that's looking to get started on some of the lower strength products - before trying out some of the more brutal pouches on the market!

Nicopod Word offers same day dispatch on orders placed before 3:30pm with next working day delivery delivery available from £5.99 - with more expensive express offerings too. This means if you're a UK customer - place your order before 3:30pm and you're likely to receive it the next day. All most as quick as nipping to the shops - and with a much wider selection!

The Nicopod World Navigation Bar
The Nicopod World Navigation Bar

Nicopod World offers an easy way to navigate the site - allowing users to browse by their favourite brand - or checkout any items currently new to the site or on sale. They've got most of the brands covered here - and you won't go wanting in terms of choice.

The 'New' page on Nicopod World
The 'New' page on Nicopod World

They also offer a range of (multi flavoured) mix-and-match deals - which gives you the opportunity to easily find your flavour of choice.

Summary -

Nicopod World is a clean, simply and easy to use website with a wide range of high-end products at affordable prices. If you are UK based - you can also guarantee quick delivery too. Mix-and-match deals aren't unique with online nicotine pouch retails - but the benefit of Nicopod world is you can mix brands and flavours. This avoid you ending up with a roll of cans for a flavour it turns out you don't quite like.

Verdict -

So in short it's a retailer I'd use myself. It stocks the big names like Nordic Spirit and Ace - but also some of the smaller (and often higher strength) brands too - meaning the product catalogue caters for a range of choices - which is good to see.

I'll go with a rating of 4.4/5 primarily due to the brand range - and also the quick delivery options for UK customers.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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