NICO 'Whip' and 'Lash' Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Sep 12, 2020

NICO 'Whip' and 'Lash' are the tobacco-free, EU compliant products from Snus Arena - they only ship to Switzerland from this site - but further below I'll detail where you can buy the NICO range internationally.

The NICO products are made in Sweden by -

In the south of Östergötland you will find the SnusFactory owned by the Lundberg brothers, who with their inventive spirit and craftsmanship perfection produce a new generation of premium snus. With passion and attention to detail.

NICO 'Whip' (10mg)

NICO 'Whip' - Alpine Mint

NICO ‘Whip’ Nicotine pouches are ‘Alpine Mint’ flavoured nicopods with a 10mg/g nicotine content.

The strong aroma of mint and eucalyptus is extremely bold - and the all white pouches made in Sweden are billed as ‘strong’ portions.

The pouches themselves appear well made - if not a little course compared to other products I’ve reviewed.

Placing the pouch in the mouth and the strong ‘Alpine Mint’ quickly hits you - and is so icy cold you could be mistaken for thinking the pouch is much stronger than it is. A hint of eucalyptus can be noted in the flavour - but it’s the icy mint sensation that comes through.

It’s a truly icy cold mint flavour - and the taste lingered in my mouth long after disposing of the nicopod

NICO 'Lash' (16mg)

NICO 'Lash' - Glacier X Mint

NICO ‘Lash’ is the stronger of the two options on the range - labelled ‘Ultra Strong’ and containing 16mg/g of nicotine. The flavour is ‘Glacial X Mint’.

In many ways ‘Lash’ is similar to its counterpart ‘Whip’ - however the first difference you notice is a hint of peppermint when you open the can.

This peppermint gives the pouches a slightly sweeter taste and aroma - however you’re quickly reminded of that icy mint (and stronger dosage) when you place the pouch between the lip and the gum.

The ‘Lash’ pouches have a cooling mint flavour - capped off by that touch of peppermint - which for me took an edge off the increased dosage.

As someone who’s not typically a fan of mint pouches - ‘Lash’ seems more appealing due to that more complex aroma and taste.

As with the ‘Whip’ variant - ‘Lash’ leaves a lasting impression once you’re done!

Verdict -

The NICO 'Whip' and 'Lash' range is great for those looking for an extreme minty experience that will leave your brain rattling!

Where to buy?

NICO 'Whip' and 'Lash' are available to European customers on the following websites -

In due course I'll be publishing a review of EU.

For snus users living outside the EU - you will find NICO (and also PUCK Snus) on,,, and


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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