Nic Pouch UK Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Nov 30, 2020


Something just didn't feel right about vaping for Nic Pouch UK owner, Tim.

His story on the website mirrors many of Nicotine Freak's beliefs about the potential of nicotine pouches to help millions of people live longer, happier and higher quality lives.

Tim's mission with Nic Pouch UK seems clear. He sees not only a good business opportunity, but also genuinely feels good about helping those who are trapped in the smoking prison, as he was himself for over 30 years.

A Focus on Swedish Product - 'Timmy's' Testimony

Operating since June 2020, Nic Pouch UK is a relatively new retail player with very good Trustpilot scores.

"We are UK only, online only. We’re Brighton based."

In terms of product stocked, quality is of paramount importance,

"We mainly focus on Swedish product. Quality is important to us and I’d never sell product that I wouldn’t use. You won’t find Russian toxic strength stuff on our site!"

This is good to know.

In line with their comments on ridiculously strong Russian product, Nic Pouch UK does not seem to sell pouches above 30mg in strength. This is sensible. I can't personally see the need for anything stronger than that either.

Lockdown has seen a lot of people take urgent action to improve their overall health (mental and physical). Interestingly, this is mirrored by by Nic Pouch UK's own recent experience,

"...So many of my customers have easily quit smoking with NPs over lockdown. It’s such a great alternative."

I couldn't agree more. With the introduction over with, let's get to it.

To the Website!

The homepage screams Sweden at you, as was expected. Skruf is immediately there along with quality hard-hitters VELO/LYFT, which are being sold side by side.

VELO is to replace LYFT as a principle brand name (to avoid confusion with the ridesharing app). Seeing both brands sold together is currently very common in the market and causing a bit of confusion for consumers. This will probably continue until LYFT product is sold out of circulation or expires, as nicotine pouches do of course carry an expiry date.

The Focus on Sweden

The general look and feel of the website is simple and minimal. Nothing particularly stands out for me in terms of visuals or graphics. It does the job. There is a 'News' section tab which hasn't been updated in quite a few months and is looking a little bit stale. There's been a lot of news since then, so Nic Pouch UK might want to bring us up to date or leave it out entirely.

The website's navigation stands out for me. The sidebar allows customers to customise how they view Nic Pouch UK's range by flavour, strength, brand and price. Rocket science?! Voila!? Eureka!? You would be amazed at how rare this simple form of navigation and website design is among the many retail sites we look at. Nic Pouch UK has made it much faster, easier and more convenient for their customers to browse and buy. Big thumbs up.

Simple and Helpful

Another nice touch is you can't lose your way while browsing the store. As you can see in the screenshot below, the site allows customers to quickly navigate back to previously viewed products. This is helpful when you're browsing and comparing different products, improving the shopping experience for customers.

Don't Get Lost

Product descriptions are simple and clear - good for newcomers to pouches or those simply looking for an overview of something they've not seen or tried before. Strength is easy to identify at a quick glance. An example here:

All You Need to Know About the Product

In addition, product recommendations are provided based on a customer's viewing history. Particularly good for customers who feel like trying something new and need a nudge in the right direction.

Product Suggestions

Nic Pouch UK also offers customer rewards, including referral credit bonuses and also gifts based on purchasing history. Always welcome!

The ordering experience

In a word, smooth. The selection arrived the very next day after ordering to a UK address. What else can you ask for. Only one item was out of stock. We were quickly notified and offered a similar alternative option by email which we accepted. The responsiveness from Nic Pouch UK's customer service was notable.

Well presented delivery. Very quick, arriving the very next day.


Score: 4.3/5

A few marks are chipped off for the pretty average visuals and branding, lack of 'cheaper' options, lack of non-Scandinavian products and the out of date "news"/updates section.

In summary, Nic Pouch UK is retailer offering a positive shopping experience with a simple and clean website, selling quality products with fast delivery times and high levels of customer service. The website offers well thought out navigation in addition to offering generous customer rewards.

Happy shopping!


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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