McCrystal's Snuff Review - 'Glacier', 'Olde English' and 'Wee Dram'

Product Reviews Sep 7, 2020

In this second article in a series of reviews I'll be covering 12 flavours of McCrystal's snuff included in their 'assorted flavours' box available here.

In this review I'll be looking at (or sniffing!) - 'Glacier', 'Olde English' and 'Wee Dram'.


So ‘Glacier’ put other menthol snuff flavours to shame. If offers an instant, icy menthol blast with a strong kick.

The refreshing menthol taste lingers nicely in the nose - and a sniff of the contents of the can will draw you in ever closer.

As well as being a reinvigorating hit - this is one flavour where the aroma lingers for much longer than others. It leaves you feeling boosted and ready to go!

More mountain climbing snuff I’d say - perfect for a day out walking.


Olde English

‘Olde English’ is described by McChrystal's as ‘English menthol’ - it’s similar in many respects to ‘Glacier’ or ‘Highland Ice’ - but there is a warm, more full-bodied aroma to this snuff.

There’s a hint of something I can’t quite put into words which underlines the menthol and makes for a more refined, less blunt flavour than other menthol offerings.

Before trying this I’d have recommended ‘Highland Ice’ as the go-to menthol flavour - but ‘Olde English’ is going to have to take that title due to its more complex aroma.

Olde English

Wee Dram

‘Wee Dram’ - as the name alludes to is a whiskey flavoured snuff offering from McChrystal’s.

This is certainly evident in the smell of the snuff when you open the container- however, the flavour isn’t as pronounced as others when you initially use the snuff.

Instead, this more subtle flavour leaves a nice, lingering taste of whiskey on in the nose for sometime after using it. It doesn’t pack as much of an initial punch as a menthol flavour for example - but offers a more refined and gentle taste that will certainly appeal to whiskey lovers like myself.

This is the perfect snus for a night out in a warm pub.

Wee Dram

There'll be more reviews to come as I work my way through the box!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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