McCrystal's Snuff Review - 'Highland Ice', 'Sicilian Burst' and 'Fine Keg'

Product Reviews Aug 30, 2020

In this first of a series of reviews where I'll be covering 12 flavours of McCrystal's snuff included in their 'assorted flavours' box available here.

In this first review I'll be looking at 'Highland Ice', 'Sicilian Burst' and 'Fine Keg'.

The 3 flavours for today's review.

Highland Ice

A sharpe and cool menthol taste with a good initial hit and a taste that lingers nicely in the nose. It reminds me a little of the menthol flavour of the CBD snuff McChrystal’s offer but with a slightly stronger aftertaste.

It’s the type of snuff I’d like if I were going mountain climbing - it’s invigorating!

Highland Ice

Sicilian Burst

The first thing you notice when opening the can is a light and sweet citrus smell with darker tobacco undertones. On first taste you really notice the sweet lemon like aroma and a satisfying, but not overwhelming kick.

For some reason I found this snuff to be a little more of a nose tickler than others - but that lovely citrus aroma nicely lingers in the nose and certainly leaves you wanting more.

This would be the perfect snuff for a fine summer’s day - and would certainly appeal to newer users with its more exotic taste / smell. Personally I’m a big fan of this one as I love a nice citrus burst.

Sicilian Burst

Fine Keg

So as the name hints at - this snuff has the definite aroma of a fine ale, mixed with tobacco with oaky undertones. For a big fan of the traditional British pub - the smell quickly reeled me in.

Trying the snuff for the first time - I almost felt like I was back in a (pre indoor smoking ban!) pub. All I need now is a pint of ale, and a Sunday roast in a pub with an open fire and I’d be in heaven. This snuff provides a strong flavour - but that hoppy, beer like aroma certainly leaves you wanting more.

This snuff would be perfect for those who want a reminder of the good old days - and for me, brings back warm memories of a cosy countryside ale house. I’ll certainly be coming back to this flavour!

Fine Keg

Look forward to more reviews as I work my way through this fantastic smelling box of goodies!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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