McChrystal’s 'Snuff with CBD' Review

Product Reviews Aug 15, 2020

So this is a little different from my normal product review - but I enjoyed the snuff so much and it is ‘smoke free’ so I figure it probably counts…

I used to occasionally buy snuff a long time ago when dedicated tobacconists ran by grumpy, smoking old men still existed - but haven’t had the chance to try it for a long time.

Whilst looking at the nicotine market - specifically smoke free products - traditional English snuff invariably cropped up. For those who aren’t familiar with the product it’s tobacco ground to a very fine powder and is sniffed up the users nose - delivering an instant hit of nicotine, last flavour and every so often a pretty substantial sneeze!

It’s typically pinched by the fingers from a metal tin and either snuff directly from the fingers or placed on a surface like the back of your hand.

McChrystal’s Snuff with CBD is some of the finest I’ve ever tried (hence the urge to write a review) and has an extremely pleasant flavour that I honestly find hard to put into words. The taste is menthol… but not too minty… it’s strong but not at all overpowering and tastes almost like you might imagine old oak would with the kind of whiskey aftertaste you find with some cigars. CBD content is 20mg per can... so it's not huge.

McChrystal’s 'Orignal & Genuine with CBD'
McChrystal’s 'Orignal & Genuine with CBD'

It’s amazingly cheap too - I picked up a ‘large’ can at £4.00 for 8.75 gram from - the official UK reseller - and its easily affordable enough that I’m certainly going to buy more - but am also tempted to try out the range of flavours.

Now I’m not going to pretend snuff is perfect - and frankly there’s a reason it’s no longer widely used. The fine powder is slightly unwieldy to say the least, many users find they sneeze (though not myself) and it leaves the nose and sinuses in a somewhat less than ideal state. All that being said it’s nice for a treat - especially when winter comes back round the corner.

You can grab some yourself from here or follow the banner below.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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