Lyft 'Urban Vibe' Strong (14mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Aug 9, 2020

I’m just enjoying the last pouch from a can of 20 ‘Lyft Urban Vibe’ nicotine pouches I got mine as part of a limited deal 'summer mixpack' from London Pods -

It’s worth highlighting these are imports - and the same products are sold under the name ‘Velo’ in the UK -

Lyft 'Urban Vibe' Strong (14mg)
Lyft 'Urban Vibe' Strong (14mg)

The flavour is described as ‘Red berry & Cranberry’ which is what appealed to me… but I don’t really understand the ‘Urban Vibe’ name I must confess.

The pouches come in at 14mg of Nicotine which puts them in the ‘strong’ but not ‘ludicrously strong’ category we see from other pouches on the market and just about right for my personal taste.

In terms of flavour - it’s definitely berries however I can’t say I really discerned more than that. They’re enjoyable, the pouches are of a nice size and quality and it’s one of the nicer berry type flavours I’ve tried. The flavour lasts for a good hour if you just let the pouch sit - however I found that often I would get rid of mine after half an hour and the initial sensation had died off.

I enjoyed the can - but can’t say I’ll be rushing to restock. They were interesting to try but wouldn’t be something I’d want to be using everyday.

Tastes are of course personal though - and I would recommend trying them out.

Read my review of the 'Mellow' version here.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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