Lyft 'Lime' (14mg) Strong Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Sep 1, 2020
This is another review from my recent Pods and Pouches buy - you can read my retailer review of them here.

There are a number of fruity nicotine pouches / nicopods on the market - however a fair few are somewhat ambiguous in their taste (I'm looking at you 'Urban Vibe'). However the same can certainly not be said for the Lyft (soon to be 'Velo') 'Lime' flavoured pouches - the taste is unquestionably just as it says on the tin!

The first thing you notice when opening the can is the clear, unmistakable aroma of lime - there's no question about it. It's not a citrus mix, or some oddly named lime imitation - it's good old simple lime. When you're not a huge fan of mint flavoured pouches like myself - and are looking to try something fruity - you don't need to worry about what you're getting when you pick up a can of Lyft 'Lime'. As I mentioned earlier - it is what it says on the tin - which after having tried my fair share of nicopod flavours - it's a welcome relief!

I'm a big fan of this no-nonsense flavour. When you first place the nicotine pouch in your mouth - the flavour is crisp and clear and you enjoy a pleasant tingly sensation for around 15 minutes due to that initial kick. The flavour remains strong for at least an hour if not more - and as with all the Lyft / Velo products the pouch is made to a high quality - so sits comfortable in the mouth without any irritation to the lips or gums.

Lyft 'Lime' (14mg) Strong

'Strong' in the world of Lyft is 14mg/g which is perfect for an ex-smoker like myself - and if you're into fruity nicopods this is a great can for first time users or regulars like myself. It's straight to the point - the can design (as with all Lyft products) is pretty neat and as per usual you get a storage area in the top of the can for used pouches (though I'm never convinced it would hold all 20 included in the can due to it's somewhat smaller size than other brands tin lids.

If you're a fan of fruity nicotine pouches - and lime is your thing - you can't really go wrong with these. They're widely available as reasonable prices (I'd recommend following the Pods and Pouches banner below) and could easily be your everyday nicotine pouch - and it's a perfect flavour for the summer months.

I'd highly recommend these pouches - especially to someone like me who's not a huge fan of the ambiguous flavours as I mentioned earlier in this article.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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