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Retailer Reviews Jul 30, 2020

London Pods are a great UK based nicotine pouch / nicopod seller with a good range of products - but most importantly extremely competitive pricing. The website was easy to browse and the ordering experience is simple and dispatch and delivery was speedy. I'm going to try and adopt a more structured and comprehensive review that those in the past so here we go...

Retailer - London Pods
Country - UK
Order - Fruity Favorites Nicotine Pouch Mixed Pack @ £9.99 (on sale from £13.99) (LYFT Summer Beat, LYFT Urban Vibe and 77 Forrest Fruits)
Score - 4.5/5


I think it's worth first looking at the current state of the UK based nicotine pouch / nicopod market...

Nicotine pouches are a relatively new product to the UK - but you could for a long time buy them easily enough from retailers in the EU. Prices were low - but of course there was a long delivery time and a minimum order quantity that would put off a first time user. Now we're starting to see lots of UK based companies import and resell the products across multiple channels - from traditional websites to Instagram and Snapchat.

There are some companies - 'Nordic Spirit' being the prime example - which sell direct to customers via their own websites - and also in local newsagents as well as Tesco. However it's a slim market - with only 'Velo' being the only similar example I'm aware of. Going to a retailer is however much cheaper - so finding a good one is going to be important!

Nicotine Pouches / Nicopods - PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Now onto the review...

Overview -

A great UK based nicotine pouch / nicopod seller with a strong range of products - but most importantly extremely competitive pricing. The website was easy to browse and the ordering experience is simple and dispatch and delivery was speedy.

I went for the 'Fruity Favourites mix pack' which was then on sale from £13.99 down to £9.99 - and 3 cans for a tenner is pretty good going. The 'Frozen' mixed pack is now on sales instead if you're looking to pick some up.

The only reason I didn’t give it the full 5 stars is I had to pay delivery on my order. Now this is me being super picky because it was 1st class special delivery with well packaged products for only £2.90. However delivery is free on orders over £30 so if you’re stocking up properly this won’t be an issue. See my article on the topic of delivery charges here. The website could also be a bit better looking - but again - I'm being picky.

The Review -

So having worked on web design over the years I’m also picky when it comes to presentation, design and importantly ease of use. The market is young for UK sellers and I don’t think it’s overly critical to say at this point the bar is lower than it undoubtedly will be.

All that being said - London Pods does stand out as being practical, well presented (if not a little rough around the edges) and the order process is smooth and easy - especially as a registered member.

London Pods Homepage
London Pods Homepage

Products are browsable by brand, mix packs or sale items. Now this certainly does the job of you know what you are looking for - but the option to for example see all ‘mint’ pouches across the product catalog would be good.

The product pages themselves are great. Good product imagers is (generally) used across the site - and product pages easily present key product information, strength choice and the bulk buy discounts on offer for larger orders.

The product selection is strong - with can from 77, Arqa, Candy Shop, Lyft, Killa, Pablo and White Fox in a range of flavours - though stocks availability can vary.

London Pods also offer a loyalty points system which I’m all for. Given these are products you're likely to be purchasing as routine - the bonus of loyalty points combined with low pricing makes London Pods an easy choice at present.

Verdict -

Score - 4.3/5 - In a new and growing marketplace London Pods stands out as a reliable retailer with fantastic pricing that you’ll struggle to best at the moment. The brand is well presented, my product arrived neatly packaged and importantly - when comparing to importing - delivered quickly.

So for the for the moment I think London Pods may be the go to guys in the UK. Great for trying out new brands and flavours at affordable prices as well as being competitive if you’re looking to stock up.

You can checkout their Trust Pilot review here (currently rated 4.6). Shop at London Pods online now.

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Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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