Kurwa 'Eucalyptus Mint' (20mg 'POWER') Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Nov 16, 2020

Good day Nicotine Freaks,

Monday is everyone's favourite day of the week, so I thought we’d get things off to a good start by looking at an interesting brand today - Kurwa Nicotine Pouches. Kurwa offers three strength ratings in their range, 20mg ‘Power’, 30mg ‘Extreme’ and 50mg (Brutal). Sounds good to me.

We have selected Kurwa's Eucalyptus Mint flavour 20mg ‘Power’ pouch for review. This is a classic flavour pairing and generally one of my favourites, so there is a good benchmark to base this review on. The Kurwa brand is Hungarian, manufactured by Flavour Labs Ltd a company based on the outskirts of Hungary’s famously beautiful capital of Budapest.

Kurwa's 'Eucalyptus Mint' Overlooking the Deep Blue Aegean Sea

There is a nice look and feel to the can – featuring a dynamite image on the side which lets you know what to expect. The crazy chicken head logo is bizarre and eye-catching, it reminded me of what was left of Mike the Headless Chicken before he got famous (seriously, check him out!).

The can feels solid and well-built with strong materials, complete with a reflective and almost metallic-looking green coating. In addition, it features a lid compartment for disposing of your finished pods when you are not able to get to a bin – always a welcome addition to any can design.


Kurwa supply 25 ‘slim’ pouches per can. This also applies to the other flavours and strength categories in their nicotine pouch range. The pouches themselves are off- white and have a beige-like tint colouring to them, giving off a slight sparkle when held to the light. The pouches are of suitably small size, fitting comfortably under the gum.

The Pouches Close-Up

The experience provided a strong tingling sensation from the outset - the dynamite logo works. It delivered a powerful and almost stinging sensation initially, but I assure you I mean this in a good way. Rather like doing a shot of tequila sort of good. Quite quickly, this subsided into a sweet and sugary experience which was very pleasant and refreshing. In terms of flavour, the mint overpowered the eucalyptus with the latter shining through progressively and subtly over time.

A bonus for me about Kurwa’s offering is they feel strong and pack a punch at 20mg without going overboard on nicotine content like a lot of other brands I have tried – nice work.

Chillin' on the Beach

Overall, the flavour and experience stacked up for me and Kurwa’s branding is appealing. Their recent decision to move down the nicotine strength scale is a smart move which speaks to a wider market – in my view why consume more nicotine than you need when you can get your satisfaction from a lower strength?

These are good pouches that are worth a buy – I look forward to sampling more out of Kurwa’s extensive flavour offering soon. Nice one Kurwa, keep it coming.

Last but by no means least, I'd like to make a shout out to First Line Pods (UK) for sending these samples over to Nicotine Freak for review. It is great to have your support in raising awareness about what's out there on the nicotine pouch market.


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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