Killa ‘Cold Mint’ (24mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Sep 10, 2020
This review has been contributed by Adam from London Pods, a UK based nicotine pouch retailer (review here) - you can visit his store here -

‘Killa’ is a Swedish nicotine pouch brand, produced by NGP Sweden, who also produce the well-known products ‘Pablo’ and ‘BLCK’. Killa ‘Cold Mint’ is the most popular flavour in the Killa collection, with ‘Blueberry’ and ‘Cola’ being two of the other 11.

Since redesigning their tub from the old white one, the packaging is now a metallic silver background. The red ‘KILLA’ logo is accompanied by a human skull with wings and a birds skull. A small feature I really like about this can is the Sweden flag on the side.

The main reason (in my opinion), for the popularity of this seemingly standard-flavoured pouch, is the quick nicotine rush it gives you. Although all Killa products contain 24mg of nicotine per gram, ‘Cold Mint’ seems to hit much faster and harder than any other Killa products, hence why it is part of the Extra Strong Nicotine Pouch mixed pack.

'Killa' Cold Mint
'Killa' Cold Mint

The pouches are slim and well-built. They’re filled nicely, not flimsy and don’t break down easily, without being too packed, allowing a comfortable fit under the lip.

If you like stronger pouches and enjoy the head-rush that comes from nicotine, I would highly recommend Killa ‘Cold Mint’. If you think it might be too strong for you, it might be a good idea to look at Killa’s other flavours, which feel weaker, and in some cases taste nicer.

You can buy ‘Cold Mint’, as well as other flavours from the Killa range here and other review of the 'Killa' range here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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