Killa '13' (24mg) Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches Review

Product Reviews Sep 26, 2020

The Killa '13' flavour is designed to taste like 'energy drinks' - now that's a somewhat generic flavour description - but if you've ever had a Red Bull you'll get the idea!

Opening the can of Killa '13' nicopods - and you are greeted with a sharp smell reminiscent of the kind of generic energy drink you'd find at a supermarket (not quite the distinct Red Bull aroma) with an almost menthol sharpness. The smell is pretty inviting and there is almost a hint of fruit in there too.

Killa '13' Extra Strong Nicopods
Killa '13' Extra Strong Nicopods

These are slim format pouches - and as with all Killa products - are manufactured to a high standard and sit reasonably comfortably in the mouth. I'm a fan of something subtle in your mouth (not something that takes up half your gob!) - the Killa pouches are ideal in form factor.

With a strength of 24mg/g of nicotine - after placing the pouch between the lip and gum you get an immediate nicotine hit and that familiar tingling sensation that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Now in terms of taste... it's a little harder to discern than the aroma of the pouches. I'd describe it as a mild taste of energy drink - akin to a generic brand you'd find in the supermarket as per the smell. The taste isn't overwhelming or particularly strong - but is present and noticeable.

These are great nicotine pouches if you are looking for something with some flavour - but nothing too overwhelming. It's also going to help if you're a fan of energy drinks!

I'll be loading up my Surge can with a divider full of these as they're perfect for when out on the bike or taking a walk. Strong and effective but not too in your face.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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