Iceberg 'Mojito' (75mg) Nicotine Pouches Review

Product Reviews Oct 23, 2020

As part of a recent delivery from The Pod Block - I received a can of the Iceberg 'Mojito' flavoured fruity nicotine pouches. Now at 75mg/g of nicotine - these were a little higher strength than I might usually go for - but who doesn't love a summer cocktail!

When you open the can of Iceberg nicotine pouches, you are greeted with a sweet citrus smell combined with a sharp note of mint. In fact - it smells very much like it's cocktail equivalent - but a little more towards the sweet side of things.

The pouches themselves are a slim format - but reasonably plump with their contents and the pouches are extremely soft to the touch. The can is your standard nicotine pouch container - with a compartment at the top for used pouches.

After placing the pouch between the lip and the gum - the strength of both the flavour and nicotine contents become quickly apparent. The predominant taste that comes through is sweet - yet slightly sharp fruity mint taste - with undertones of lemon and lime.

Due to the strength of the pouch, you get a pretty big hit when you start to use it - with the initial tingling sensation lasting around 10 minutes. Now through reviewing all manner of nicotine pouches - my tolerance has steadily increased - however, it's not too long until these pouches become a little too much for me to bear - and I have been spitting these out well before the pleasant flavour expires.

I'm personally not a huge fan of the extreme strength nicotine pouches - but there is a clear market for them. For me using these type of pouches, it's become a case of enjoying the flavours before the nicotine hit becomes too intense.

The flavour of these Iceberg 'Mojito' pouches is really quite enjoyable though - so I'd happily recommend them to seasoned users who have a sweet tooth - and more importantly - a high nicotine tolerance.

As mentioned at the start of my article - these pouches came from The Pod Block - who stock a wide range of high strength nicopods - so it's the perfect place to pick these and similar strength products up.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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