Iceberg 'Lemonade' (75mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Aug 19, 2020

So this review gives me an opportunity to point out the two very different ends of the nicotine pouch / nicopod market. One one hand you have brands like Nordic Spirit, Ace Super White and Lyft / Velo - they produce pouches with nicotine contents that range between 3mg and ~10mg - which is suitable for someone new to nicotine, or with a tolerance gained from smoking.

Then you’ve got brands like Iceberg, Supreme and to a lesser extent Pablo and Killa where the nicopod nicotine levels range from 25mg up to 100mg. Now these are extremely strong - even for a heavy smoker - and in a sense are a market in their own right as you could never really claim these as cessation aids or replacements to cigarettes. They’re really just a way to get a huge nicotine hit. I do somewhat see the appeal, and will be reviewing product like this nonetheless - however they’re not really my personal choice.

So on to that review…

I picked up my can of Iceberg Lemonade from Nicopods.UK for £7 mainly to give something new a try and check out another retailer. You can read my review of the site here.

The can itself is of a decent quality - nothing flimsy like you see with some Russian imports and it has the standard used pouch contained in the lid as you’d expect.

The pouches fall into the ‘slim’ category - but are pretty bulky and you can also feel a few clumps in each pouch but these are easily shaken out.

Iceberg 'Lemonade' (75mg)
Iceberg 'Lemonade' (75mg)

A whiff of the can and the pouches smell great - a really strong sweet shop lemonde smell. Less like the drink itself but more of a confectionary rendering of it. The taste… once you get over the overwhelming strength of the pouch it is pretty much the same as the smell - a sweet lemon flavour with a hint of fizz.

The strength is the big thing here though. 25mg I’m good with - 50mg I can handle but 75mg is far too much for me personally.

Verdict -
One of the nicer ludicrously strong pouches I’ve tried with a sweet flavour and lovely smell. A bit strong for my personal tastes - but I’d highly recommend if you can handle the nicotine content!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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