HAYPP - Nicotine Retailer and Pouch Review

Retailer Reviews Aug 13, 2020

So after rinsing the free samples on offer by UK distributors and offering a brief review of the products I'd tried - I thought I'd branch out and order a 'mixpack' from haypp.com - who ship Swedish made products from mainland Europe. They also include a different free product every month with each order.

Delivery is free (and quick) and prices are substantially cheaper than when buying from a UK based seller. I picked up a 'Strong Mixpack' one day before the 25% offer currently on - so I got mine for £9.99 including delivery - and the order was shipped on a Wednesday arriving the following Monday - not bad considering the cost saving. Including the free can included with the order - I had 6 pouches for not far off what I'd pay for one in the UK.

HAYPP's 'Strong Mixpack Nicotine Pouches'

I also got a free can of the Nordic Spirit 'Elderflower' which I can't complain about.

I've started working my way though the 'Strong' pack and will update each product once I've had a chance to properly try it -

Nordic Spirit 'Elderflower' (9mg)

So this is probably the nicotine pouch I’d recommend to a newcomer who was looking to quit smoking. Taste is nice - but not overpowering and the strength is good for a reasonably heavy smoker.

The Nordic Spirit pouches themselves are some of the best made and fit comfortably between your upper lip and gum. The ‘Elderflower’ taste is subtle but enjoyable and this is perfect for enduring a long meeting or such!

Skruf ‘Ruby Red’ #4 (8.7mg)

So this apparently has 'fresh taste and aroma of rhubarb' - but to be honest I found the flavor hard to describe. I don't like rhubarb - but it doesn't really taste like rhubarb to me... Anyway - pleasant enough taste and enjoyed the two pouches I tried. Taste will no doubt suit some and not others.

Skruf ‘Fresh’ #3 (13mg)

I'll get back to you when I can keep this in my mouth longer than 15 minutes! It's fresh, it's minty and it's strong. Probably a bit of a leap up for me just yet!

Update - So I manned up and tried this properly. You can't avoid the strength but the taste is pleasant and the pouch comfortable. Not sure I'd use it all day - but I'm sure the strength will suit some. Personally I prefer something closer to 9mg.

White Fox ‘Full Charged’ (16.5mg)

Kinda intimidated by this one...

White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (12.3mg)

Based on this first order - I've also ordered the 'Normal' mix pack (this time getting that 25% off!) for £7.50 to give that range of products a go - and also a handful of other cans to see what suits my tastes. In short - looks like a good option for well prices pouches - especially if you take advantage of their various bundle deals.

You can order from HAYPP here - https://www.haypp.com/ (I'm no way affiliated with the site)

Products are made in Sweden and dispatched from Denmark. Delivery time to the UK seems to be 2-3 working days and they come nicely packaged in a box that would fit through your letterbox. Their customer service team are also easy to contact over Facebook or similar. Give them a follow.

My Trustpilot review can be seen here. My score here - 4.0/5 (so delivery times to the UK are the kicker here).

Verdict -

A great EU based retailer with reasonable delivery times to the UK and a ever growing great range of products - primarily in the 'reasonable nicotine level' range. A perfect store for those who don't mind a bit of a delivery wait and are looking for a range of lower strength nicotine pouches than you find on some UK based sites.

Score - 4.1/5 - It's purely the longer delivery time from the EU and the lack of some of the more 'extreme' brands that brings this score down from a 5.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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