GRANT 'Orange' (25mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Dec 8, 2020

Grant has been a brand I've been keen to try properly for a long time. I was able to get hold of the 'Hemp' flavoured pouches for review - but have been keen to try out their fruity nicotine pouches. They also offer CBD pouches which is pretty cool.

Thanks to Nic Pouch UK (who we've reviewed here) - I've been able to try out the 'Orange' flavour nicopods from Grant.

The pouches are 25mg/g and you get 27 in a can - which is a nice change from the usual 20 making these pretty good value for money.

Grant Orange has a well tangible classical juicy orange taste with a hint of orange peel bitterness for a finish.
The Grant Nicotine Pouch Can
The Grant Nicotine Pouch Can

I'm a big fan of the Grant branding and packaging. It's clean and simple - and they've got a nice can design with a shaped top lid that just shows a little extra effort, and they've not just picked a 'standard' can.  It feels nice in the hand and is curved on the top and bottom... great for stacking Grant cans... not so great stacking it with other brands but I can live with it!

The Grant 'Orange' Nicotine Pouches
The Grant 'Orange' Nicotine Pouches

The smell when you open the can is impressive. I've tried a few orangey flavours before (Loop's 'Sicily Spritz' for example) - and the Grant have a much more 'natural' orange aroma to them. The smell is pretty much akin to a freshly sliced lemon - and is certainly appealing. The pouches themselves are a nice form factor, soft and easy on the gums.

Popping the pouch into my mouth there's a nice tingling sensation quickly followed by the taste of oranges. As is often the case - it's not quite as strong as the smell - but the taste is crisp and clear. The pouches are a nice decent strength so the nicotine hit is strong and the sting of the pouch nice and satisfactory. I also found they went quite nicely with a beer... which is odd and might just be me - but a combo worth trying!

So overall I'm a fan and don't really have anything negative to say about these pouches. They're well-made, a sensible strength, and they taste nice and fruity - which personally I love! When you're coming off smoking - the flavour of the product you choose is important - and as we've seen in the vape industry - people like fruity flavours. Grant has a great line-up in this area, so I recommend checking them out. Nic Pouch UK (whose banner you'll find below) stock the complete range.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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