Grant 'Hemp' (25mg) Strong and NIXS 'Bergamot Tobacco' (8mg) Nicotine Pouch Reviews

Product Reviews Aug 28, 2020

So after seeing various promos and reading about ‘Grant’ snuff - particularly in an appealing ‘Hemp’ I went on a hunt to find some… contacted the manufacturer and there’s no official UK distributors yet so I headed over to ‘White Pouch’ - where orders are sent from Sweden.

The White Pouch Homepage

The site has an awesome range of products from all the big brands such as White Fox, Skruff, Ace, On! and more.

The White Pouch Range

The site itself is well worth a visit and much like Haypp - based in Europe (Sweden) so you get great pricing and a big range of products - but have to wait that little longer in terms of shipping. I’ve never had an issue with import order though myself - and they’re typically delivered via a tracked service for peace of mind - this is the case for both Haypp and White Pouch.

Whilst browsing the site I also opted to pick up some Nixs ‘Bergamot Tobacco’ - which certainly appeals to my more refined tastes. In this review I’ll cover both -

Side note - these were really tricky to photograph well!

Grant Slim Portion Hemp Nicotine Pouches (25mg)

Grant 'Hemp' Strong
Grant 'Hemp' Strong

So right off the bat these pouches win the 'hardest flavour to put into words' category. 'Hemp' is somewhat ambiguous - which is half the reason I wanted to take these nicopods from 'Grant' for a spin.

The pouches are in a 'slim' format - which is my personal preference - and come in a pretty sweet looking can and I'm a fan of the 'Grant' branding.

So popping the nicotine pouch between my lip and gum - you get a great nicotine release over the first 15-20 minutes - however given the strength of the pouches, it's surprisingly not too overwhelming. The pouches are produced to a high standard - and sit very comfortably in the mouth.

Now onto the flavour... and as I said - it's hard to describe. If you've had anything 'Hemp' flavoured in the past you'd instantly recognise it - but it is very tricky to put into words. I guess it tastes a little like hemp (read cannabis) smells if that makes any sense?

Verdict -
So I'm enjoying these pouches - despite my inability to really describe the flavour! The strength is high - but unlike some other pouches of a similar strength - it didn't seem too overwhelming for me. I'm not sure what this is down to - perhaps a slower release of nicotine - but I'd sooner pick these pouches over those with a similar strength.

If you're familiar with the 'Hemp' flavour of other products - and don't need to rely on my awful description - I'd highly recommend you give these a try. If it's a flavour new to you - you may want to look elsewhere.

Nixs Bergamot Tobacco Nicotine Pouches (8mg)

NIXS 'Bergamot Tobacco' Medium
NIXS 'Bergamot Tobacco' Medium

So I was really looking forward to trying these pouches - I thought the flavour would be perfect for a cigar loving, Earl Grey drinking chap such as myself... however I've got to unfortunately say these were the first nicotine pouches I really didn't enjoy - the tobacco flavour was just too overpowering - even for me.

It was a very heavy, dark nicotine flavour - more akin to pipe smoking tobacco than the taste you might be used to from cigarettes or even cigars. It had a kind of 'I've spent 72 hours in a smokers lounge' kinda feel to it - which was a little disappointing - and the bergamot flavour really didn't come through for me.

The strength at 8mg/g was reasonable - but I personally couldn't stand the tobacco taste for too long - I almost felt disappointed in myself. The pouches themselves are 'large' or 'regular' format (not 'slim') - so there's a lot in there to enjoy (or not in my case).

Verdict -
So if you love a very strong tobacco flavour - these would be perfect for someone transitioning from smoking to nicotine pouches. You keep your flavour - but loose the actual tobacco and the strength isn't overwhelming. They'll be to someone's taste - just not mine I'm afraid.

If it sounds appealing to you - by all means give them a try - I cannot fault them on product quality, presentation or looks - but be prepared for a very strong tobacco taste.

A little lighter on the tobacco and these could have been nice - but not for me unfortunately. That being said - it's the kind of pouch I might enjoy after a good few beers and was REALLY craving a cigarette!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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