First Line Pods Retailer Review

Retailer Reviews Oct 13, 2020

So this review is long overdue - since I’ve actually been shopping myself at First Line Pods for some time. In terms of their range of products - I’ve not really seen it matched elsewhere - and they also stock CBD pouches at a great price too.

First Line Pods are a UK based retailer selling nicotine pouches / nicopods and CBD pouches.

From a design point of view, it’s pretty basic without any real visual flare - but it works - and is easy to browse on both desktop and mobile devices. Navigating the store is easy - and as with most retailers - products are grouped by brand as well as there being mix pack options too.

First Line Pods Homepage
First Line Pods Homepage.

The brand pages often provide a little info about the brand itself which is nice to see and the product pages contain all the key information such as flavour, strength and pouch format.

Also shown is the per-unit pricing when purchasing multiple units - and First Line Pods also offer a mix and match scheme.

The First Line Pods product page.
The First Line Pods product page.

Now when it comes to pricing - First Line Pods are extremely competitive - with cans on sale for as little as £3.50. They regularly discount various products - so you can easily find yourself a good deal - and it’s a great way to try out new brands without spending a fortune.

Now as for brands - First Line Pods stock ALOT of them - from established names like Zyn, Ace and Velo through to the Russian brands like Mad and Kurwa - they stock an impressive selection of products including the ever-popular Killa and Pablo ranges.

The First Line Pods brand selection.
The First Line Pods brand selection.

This broad range of products means there’s something in stock for fans of both ends of the market which is often rare to see. The fact you can add CBD pouches to your usual nicotine pouch order is also a big bonus for me.

In terms of the order process - it’s as easy as you’d expect with any online store nowadays and you also get the option to receive order updates via WhatsApp.

Shipping starts at £2 for second class (which suits me personally) up to £7.40 for tracked and signed special delivery with first class costing £3.

For me, these prices are pretty reasonable and I always like being given a range of choices and a lot of the time I’m in no mad rush and happy to pay less for second class. However, I know some of you out there are always going to be looking for next day delivery!

Verdict -

The defining factors for looking at the First Line Pods site are price and range - here they couldn’t score more highly.

I’m also happy with their delivery pricing structure - and think it sits nicely with their product pricing.

However, I am a sucker for a nice looking website with bespoke graphics and a little more focus on the visual. I’ve no problem as such with the First Line Pods website - it just lacks a little when it comes to being visually unique.

However - given the excellent pricing, easy ordering and huge selection of products I’d rate First Line Pods at 4.7/5.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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