FEDRS Ice Cool Banana Hard (65mg)

Product Reviews Sep 14, 2020

FEDRS are a new brand to me and I’ve been looking to get my hands on some for a while - so they'll no doubt be a few more reviews coming.

The brand has a range of flavours and strength - a few of which I've got my hands on and will be giving a try! This will be a relatively short review - as it's really my initial impressions of the product - usually I wait until the can is finished!

So as soon as you open the can you know you’ll get what it says on the tin - the smell of bananas is mouthwatering and almost overwhelming at the same time.

They come in your typical nicotine pouch tub with a waste department lid and feature some pretty cool branding as well as usage instructions on the side. The FEDRS branding stands out nicely against its competition - and there's a nice continuing of design across the different flavours.

FEDRS Ice Cool Banana Hard (65mg)
FEDRS Ice Cool Banana Hard (65mg)

The pouches themselves are a long slim format, and not too tightly packaged as well which I appreciate. The nicopods are soft to the touch and sit comfortably inside the mouth - both in terms of size and fit.

Now the smell is so intense (think of those foam banana sweets you’d get as a kid) - so the flavour itself is a little bit of a let down in comparison. Now don’t get me wrong - they taste great - and banana isn’t a flavour I’ve seen in nicopods before - but the smell is awesome.

Verdict -

These are some great fruity nicotine pouches with a unique and interesting flavour as well as a good nicotine hit. The banana flavour is mellow compared to the smell - but perhaps that’s not a bad thing - allowing you to enjoy the pouch for longer.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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