EDEL Weiss Nicotine Pouch Range Review

Edel Apr 22, 2021

Oh Switzerland. What a country. Jagged snow capped mountains which suddenly descend into long lush fertile green valleys full of ridiculously happy grazing cows springs to my Anglo-Greek mind. Huge bank vaults as well, obviously. And paying about 12 Euros for a sandwich at Zurich airport once (it was a nice sandwich at least, but I am still a bit scarred).

Life as a Swiss cow looks pretty good. They look happier than most people do these days!

Stereotypes aside, Switzerland truly has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of life of its inhabitants and the quality of its domestically produced products (and not just wrist watches either). With this in mind, reviewing EDEL Weiss nicotine pouches, manufactured in Switzerland with Swedish production knowhow is something I've been looking forward to for a while. Out of the myriad of brands we've sampled at Nicotine Freak, I believe EDEL is the first nicotine pouch product from Switzerland we have reviewed. Let's take a look!

The Brand

Edel Weiss's Logo

EDEL WEISS, ok. Even with my rudimentary knowledge of German I was able to figure out it means Edel 'white'. Curiosity led me to Google it. It turns out that Edel Weiss is the national flower of Switzerland. Did you know that? There's your new fun fact for the day. The name achieves two key things; it suggests the "all white" nature of the nicotine pouches sold under the brand whilst also alluding to its highly marketable Swiss heritage. I like this a lot.

The Edel Weiss, the national flower of Switzerland. I am sure I've seen these growing in the mountains of Greece also.

To me, Edel's branding mood which exudes Swiss alpine mountains, quality and freshness pointing to an undeniably outdoor feel. Hiking, skiing, hockey etc are all very popular in Switzerland and I can see this being an immediate hit within 'active' market segments. There are many markets segments for nicotine pouches and most brands are still busy figuring out what they are and how to effectively target them.

However, marketing nicotine pouches to an active lifestyle makes an awful lot of sense. After all, many users of snus and nicotine pouches are trying to preserve their lungs as much as possible in order to enjoy that active lifestyle as much as possible... And that's a lot of people, particularly after over a year of near imprisonment!

The Range

At the time of writing, Edel Weiss is sold in six different varieties, five containing nicotine. There is also one CBD product called "Mint CBD". Check out the range in all its glory:

Can Design

You may notice that the branding and can design is really clean and attractive with a great choice of colours which work well on a pure white background. I have to say, I am very impressed with the design work and thought that has clearly gone into this. In fact, Edel held a competition and received entries for can designs from all over the world. These guys are serious about what they are doing and it shows.

The cans themselves are sturdy and strong with the "edel weiss" lettering being textured for an attractive 3D effect. These small details really do count - not all brands do it, and out of those that do some obviously do it better than others. Edel's textured lettering exudes an image of quality and they hit the spot.

The cans do have a disposable lid compartment which is pretty standard these days. It was a little tricky to find because it has a very small and not-so-obvious leverage point for opening it. It might be a minor change to the can design Edel may want to consider in the future. Really though, it is not a big deal.

The Flavour Range and Pouches

Five flavours in the range as per the photo above. All nicotine pouch cans in the range contain 24 pouches, more than the industry standard of 20. The CBD offering contains 12 pouches. Fewer pouches per can for CBD products is what we typically see from other brands as well. The cans are marked with up to four dots to indicate nicotine strength, with each dot seemingly representing 5mg/g of nicotine.

Open can shot and Edel Weiss pouches

Edel Cold - the strongest offering at 20mg/g of nicotine. This product is aimed at those with nicotine tolerance on the higher side or those that want a quick buzz (sports/winter sports?). The can is embellished with a reflective silver effect aligning with its "cold", icy and Swiss mountainous vibe. The taste was refreshing and well flavoured for the duration of use. It is essentially a variant of mint but on the sharper side. Very fresh.

Yeah, I know, the background doesn't look very cold but it's a nice photo! The sea is a bit cold so that counts.

Edel Citrus - it's hard to go wrong with Citrus. A winning flavour. Edel's citrus offering comes in at 15mg/g of nicotine and are rich in flavouring which lasted a good while before diminishing. Marked with three dots as a strength rating on the front of the can.

You can't go wrong with citrus

Edel Melon - my personal favourite out of a strong showing. I prefer it to actual real melon. The smell really stood out when I cracked open the can and was quite possibly the best melon flavour I've tried on the market. Excellent work in terms of flavouring. With mountains of samples around me, I've already finished this can which says it all really. Melon also comes in at 15mg/g of nicotine in line with the Citrus.

Quality among a quality range

Edel Berry - the lowest strength nicotine content in the range, two dots on the front of the can indicate 10mg/g. More my kind of nicotine level, although 15mg/g works well too. I was left wondering what sort of 'berry' this is. I came to the conclusion it is probably blueberry but the jury is still out on that one. Out of a solid range this was probably my least favourite, but that probably speaks more about how good the other offerings are.

Edel Berry chilling among the fresh spring wild flowers

Edel Mint CBD- no nicotine content at all in this one. Each pouch contains 12 pouches at a strength of 6mg/g of CBD which I feel could be upped a bit. We see products on the market offering double or even triple this amount. A pleasant minty pouch nonetheless and Edel are wise to leave room for a CBD product in their range due to the popularity of CBD products in general.

It also leaves rooms for Edel to potentially add further legal cannabinoid pouches to the range, which could include CBG or CBN. If you don't know much about these, Google them - they have different properties to CBD which arguably offer greater effect for different purposes, for example, before bedtime as sleep aid. At Nicotine Freak we expect to see the market moving towards these CBD alternatives going forwards. There is little doubt about that from our point of view. I am sure these compounds are something Edel are actively considering as well.

Who likes a bit of green in their lives?

In Summary

Great job, Edel. A thoroughly enjoyable range. We have ourselves a player on the market with a unique Swiss premium background, great branding and can construction, an on-point flavouring quality (with a clear fruity slant) in addition to having a CBD product in the mix to complement. Edel are certainly on the up and Kevin, Christoph and the rest of the Edel team no doubt have even more exciting developments in the pipeline! We look forward to seeing what the future brings.


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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