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Nicotine Freak started as a passion project during COVID lockdown - and was originally designed to stop me filling my personal blog with nicotine pouch reviews! It's quickly grown into a relatively popular website and social media channel - and taken up lots more of my time than anticipated!

Nicotine Freak has no revenue stream - all content is unsponsored and we aim to provide an unbiased look at products, retailers and the market in general - but I need your support to continue doing that. I'm also looking to expand to creating video content for a YouTube channel - but need support in purchasing equipment.

Currently, the site only incurs a hosting fee - and I'm fortunate that many of the products I review are provided as samples by manufactures or retailers - but I'd love to expand my offering and providing more information and content to you - my readers.

If you'd like to donate even a small sum to help keep the lights on - it would be much appreciated - and you can use the form below -

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