Cannadips EU CBD Pouches Interview with CEO Felix Sundstrom

CBD Oct 5, 2020

After reviewing the complete lineup of Cannadips CBD pouch flavours (which you can see here) - I thought I’d learn a little more about the product and the brand behind it. I reached out to the Cannadips EU team who were kind enough to join a call and agree on a Q&A interview via email so myself and customers can learn more about Cannadips CBD pouches.

The Cannadips CBD Pouch Lineup

Felix Sundstrom - the CEO of Spectrumleaf - the company behind Cannadips in the EU will be answering my questions so we can gain a little more insight into the CBD pouches and what makes Cannadips unique.

So in basic terms what makes up a Cannadips CBD pouch?

Years of hard work, the highest quality ingredients and some Californian love... But the base is coconut mixed with a unique set of all-natural flavors and our very own “Cannaflake”. The Cannaflake is made out of THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract which is transformed into a water-soluble emulsion rich of natural terpenes and later manually dried in a patented process. All other ingredients in the pouches are also vegan friendly and non-GMO. You could say that its unique in every way

And what is it that makes Cannadips pouches different from other CBD pouches out there on the market at the moment?

Cannadips are the original CBD pouches, the first of its kind in the world and stand out from other CBD products in most aspects. But let’s use three examples:
Compared to the copies out there Cannadips is not part of Big Tobacco and does not include products with addictive substances as nicotine or similar. We believe in liberating our consumers rather than the other way around.
Originating from Humboldt County up in the northern corner of California is of course also adding to the uniqueness of the brand. About 500km north of San Francisco, past Sonoma and the famous vine districts and where the mighty Redwood forest meets the Pacific Ocean. Part of the Emerald Triangle and known as the “Napa Vally of Cannabis” Humboldt has for more than 50 years been the center of cultivation, extraction and high-quality production in the US and world. This heritage is of course reflected in everything we do, produce and stand for.
Lastly but most importantly our product is what defines the brand. The highest quality American hemp always made into THC free broad-spectrum extract, rich of a unique mixture of terpenes, all-natural, tasty flavour profiles... I can go on for a long time
Cannadips CBD Pouches

Where is it that the Cannadips pouches are produced?

All Cannadips products sold in Europe are produced and assembled at our partner facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Can you tell me a little more about this production process and CBD content of the pouches?

I rather show you how they are made (

As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews I’m a big fan of the product branding and the California connection. What more can you tell me about the history of the brand?

Cannadips was founded by two old high school friends who wanted to develop a revolutionary new cannabis product: weed dip. Having grown up in Humboldt County, the two were no strangers to the industry. The brand was established in 2016 with
the vision of providing a discreet yet effective way of enjoying CBD. Inspired by the Nordic tradition of smokeless tobacco usage and through a unique patent the world’s first CBD pouch was born.
Let me show you (

What’s it like working at Cannadips and does the culture reflect the product?

To be honest, I cannot imagine having a better job! Who wouldn’t like to be part of bringing the coolest CBD brand in the US to Europe? And culturally I would say that we are far from corporate but not to the extent that we spend every days surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

Where can customers currently buy Cannadips pouches?

Besides being available on our webshop at, the brand is distributed and sold to approximately 1 000 stores in 10+ countries across Europe including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, the UK and the Netherlands. To find the closest store in certain regions, users can use the store locator function at See link (

Can we expect any future product developments later down the line?

We have a very exciting pipeline with initiatives for both Cannadips and our other SpectrumLeaf brands during the end of this year and the beginning of next.

A big thanks to Felix for taking the time out to answer my questions - it’s great to know more details about the product and it was nice to see how passionate and keen they were to talk about their product.

You can read all my reviews of the three Cannadips CBD pouch flavours here where I look at ‘American Spice’, ‘Natural Mint’ and my personal favourite ‘Tangy Citrus’.

Follow the banner below to buy Cannadips CBD pouches direct from the manufacturer - or UK residents can visit reseller Baccy in a Bag. I certainly need to stock up!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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