Cannadips EU 'American Spice' CBD Pouch Review

Product Reviews Sep 17, 2020

After having tried the 'Tangy Citrus' CBD pouch from Cannadips EU (review here) - I decided to have a look at the other two flavours available. This review will cover the 'American Spice' flavour. To quote from the Cannadips EU product page -

CBD INFUSED POUCHES featuring a blend of cinnamon/chocolate with a hint of craft coffee. Crafted using all natural (thc free, tobacco free & nicotine free) ingredients.

The Review -

Opening up the nicely-designed metal tin of the 'American Spice' Cannadips EU CBD pouches - you're greeted with a warm, almost woody smell of cinnamon, chocolate - and a very strong aroma of coffee.

Now I'm not a huge coffee fan - and the scent of the tin made be a little worried as to how much I'd enjoy this flavour. That being said - I popped in the 'large' format pouch and was pleasantly surprised.

Cannadips EU 'American Spice' CBD Pouches 10mg CBD
Cannadips EU 'American Spice' CBD Pouches

The primary taste I can pick up is spicey chocolate with a cinnamon twist - the coffee taste seems somewhat entirely wasted on me?

In contrast to the 'Tangy Citrus' pouches I reviewed, 'American Spice' offers a warm and inviting taste and aroma which for me is summed up as certainly more chocolate than coffee - with a hint of cinnamon adding a unique and inoffensive flavour.

The flavour is long lasting - and the well made pouch is something you can keep in your mouth for some time if that's what you prefer. An option like this is perfect for winding down in the evening when you're looking for a flavour that's not too in your face!

You can buy Cannadips in the EU by clicking the banner below - or via their UK distributor at


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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