Cannadips CBD Pouch and EU Website Review

Product Reviews Aug 26, 2020

So this review is for something a little different - no tobacco, no nicotine just CBD.

Due to a lot of test shopping and bulk buys I’ve got quite a stash of nicotine pouches so though I’d see what else was around in a similar market. That’s when I came across Cannadips - like nicotine pouches - but with CBD.

Who are Cannadips?

Based in Humboldt County, California, Cannadips provides a unique and useful Broad Spectrum Hemp experience – an enjoyable CBD experience. It provides a great-tasting, THC free, tobacco & nicotine-free alternative product.

And what is CBD -

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world.

Source -

CBD has always been of interest to me - and it's a booming market at the moment. In part due to legalisation in certain states of America it's become possible to produce CBD in massive quantities - and it's being sold across the globe with a pretty high price tag.

Known as the 'good' part of cannabis - as opposed to 'THC' which would be the ban (read fun) bit - and is claimed to have a number of health benefits from pain relief, reducing anxiety and stress and even reducing acne!

Cannadips EU Homepage
Cannadips Homepage

The concept is pretty simple - they’re like nicotine pouches but with CBD instead. A can contains 150mg of water dispensable CBD - 10mg in each of the 15 pouches per container. Now I’m not entirely sold on the magical cure-all that CBD is often presented as - but a single can was a reasonable price - plus no nicotine pouches needed for a while!

The Website

The website itself looks and behaves fantastically - doing a fantastic job of showcasing the products, key features and importantly the brand story - the message of which comes across in everything from language used to the packaging of their products.

Cannadips EU packaging
The well presented box that arrived in the post.

The website - as well as being extremely well presented is easy to navigate, provides all the key details and really creates a strong brand image.

Based in the heart of Humboldt County, California, Cannadips take pride in carrying on the tradition of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that has made the region world famous.

The photography used on the site is perfectly in chime with the brand image they are trying to convey - and the product looks fantastic. I can just see myself sitting in California enjoy one under a redwood tree (I wish!).

It's worth highlighting I went direct to the EU site for my purchase - however in the UK they are distributed by my friends at McCrystal's snuff at who also offer nicotine pouches as well.

Now on the product itself...

The Product

Cannadips retail in 3 different flavours; 'American Spice', 'Natural Mint' and 'Tangy Citrus'.

  • 'American Spice' is '...a blend of cinnamon/chocolate with a hint of craft coffee.
  • 'Natural Mint' is '...a balanced mix of sweet and cool mints sensations.'
  • 'Tangy Citrus' is '...tangy bursts of sour orange and tart lemon.'

I opted for the ‘Tangy Citrus’ flavour - I was tempted by the 20% offer when buying 3 cans but why go overboard when I'm just getting started - plus if it's California you've got to go Orange right? So now lets have a taste…

'Tangy Citrus' CBD Infused Pouches Review

Ingredients -
Organic palm oil (13.9%), coconut fibre, vegetable glycerol, cane sugar, hemp CBD flakes 16% (stabilizer (acacia guma), hemp concentrates, maltodextrin), acidity regulator (citric acid), natural flavouring, sweeteners (steviol glycosides), stabilizers (xanthan gum), salt.

In terms of the ingredients list - it's not all that different from a nicotine pouch - minus the nicotine and plus the CBD. They also make a point that it's all natural ingredients used in their products. Based in Humboldt County, California - the CBD in their products are made from California grown hemp.

The pouches themselves are 'regular' or large in form compared to some of the 'slim' nicotine pouches I review - but still a perfect size to fit between the lip and gum. The first thing you notice when you place the pouch in your mouth (certainly for the 'Tangy Citrus' is that the flavour is amazing. Strong - but not overpowering with a real tangy lemon / lime taste as the name would suggest.

Cannadips quote that the CBD is released over 30-45 minutes of placing the pouch in your mouth - but the enjoyable flavour lasts much longer than that. I've been enjoying the pouches for going on 2 hours and the flavour still comes across strongly - so you certainly won't feel like you've wasted your money.

Now on to the CBD aspect of the product... to quote from Cannadips well written 'how to use' page -

Please keep in mind that since Cannadips CBD is an all-natural product, do not expect any immediate changes after only using a small batch or for a short period of time. We recommend 3-5 pouches a day and to use the product continuously for at least 2-3 weeks before making a preliminary verdict. The effectiveness may also vary from user to user based on numerous variables.

I've gone through about half my can of pouches - I a cannot claim to have noticed any massive benefits just yet - but the science around CBD is still a little murky - but it's a substance that has been proven to have therapeutic benefits. I'm no scientist - so I'm not going to look to heavily into this to be frank. I found the pouches enjoyable and relaxing (though I may have placebo'ed myself there) - but if your going to try CBD - to me this is on of the more enjoyable forms - having tried in in vape form and oral liquid solutions.

Cannadips CBD Pouch Mental Can
The awesome Cannadips can.

Cannadips provide lab results of there products if you are interested in learning more about the science side of the product - but for me it's about enjoyment - and I'm certainly enjoying these. If I were looking for a way to reduce my nicotine consumption - this would also server as the perfect substitute.

Now normally this isn't something I'd focus on too much - but Cannadips made it hard not too... The cans themselves are as cool as the product. The cans are embossed metal with a real quality feel and good seal to keep your pouches fresh and safe. It's the little things - but it makes a big difference to your perception of the product and again - shows the value for money you are getting.

Verdict -
So hopefully it's clear from my review I loved the flavour I tried (and hope to work my way around to the other two) - and the product is well made, well presented and Cannadips have certainly put the work in to make a quality product and provide things like clear ingredients lists and high end packaging.

If you're a fan of nicotine pouches and are looking to try out CBD and see if it has any beneficial effects for you - Cannadips is the product to try - and I'd highly recommend the 'Tangy Citrus' flavour.

The jury is still out a little on CBD usage - but if you're going to try it - you can go wrong with Cannadips - and I'll certainly be looking to buy more.

I strongly suggest you checkout the website at to learn more about the product if it peaks your interest. I ordered direct from the EU site - so I had a little delivery wait - if you are based in the UK - I'd suggest visiting where you'll save yourself a little time and money.

So - why not take a little nicotine break - and go forth and enjoy some really tasty CBD products for a change!

Update -

I've now completed the flavour set and will be reviewing each of Cannadip's offerings -


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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