Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide - Getting started with nicotine pouches / nicopods. What they are - how to buy and where to learn more.

So first off - it's worth reading our page explaining what nicotine pouches are - but in short - it provides a tobacco free way to discreetly enjoy nicotine and it an alternative to smoking and e-cigarettes.

They are a relatively new product to the UK - but have been more established in Europe for sometime as an alternative to traditional Swedish ‘snus’ - which does contain tobacco - but the sale of which is prohibited in the EU.

A nicotine pouch is a pre-portioned, flavoured ‘package’ filled with a fiber and gum base with nicotine and flavour additives. This is then placed between the user’s lip and gum - and the nicotine is absorbed through the gums.

How are nicotine pouches sold?

Nicotine pouches are typically sold in cans / tins of 20 portions - available in a range of different strengths and flavours. They can be bought now from supermarkets, some newsagents and a range of sites online - either via resellers or sometimes direct from the manufacturer.

In this blog we'll be providing a range of reviews for retailers and buying experiences as well as price comparisons. When more retailers are established (and I've had a chance to check them out) - I'll be compiling a list for publication on this site.

How to use a nicotine pouch?

  1. Place the nicotine pouch between the gum and underside of your lip. Users typically place the pouch to the left or right side of their mouth depending on preference.
  2. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your gums for typically around 15 minutes (depending on the strength of the pouch).
  3. The pouch and it’s flavour will typically last from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the size, brand, strength and flavour. Once finished with - the pouch is disposed of - usually in a dedicated compartment in the lid of the can the pouches are bought in - or just throw away in the bin.

What strength should I choose?

Nicotine pouches some in a range of strengths - from the mild end at 6mg per pouch - all the way up to a crazy 100mg. Choosing the right strength is going to come down to your nicotine tolerance - how often you intend to use the pouches - and what you are generally comfortable with.

To put it in perspective - an average cigarette contains 10mg of nicotine - and it’s estimated around 1mg of that is absorbed by the body when smoking. We don’t have readily available figures on absorption rate and quantity of nicotine taken via the gum - however those figures should offer some perspective.

We advise users to start small - and work their way up!

Where can I learn more?

There’s not a huge range of resources when it comes to finding out information about nicotine pouches outside of the retailers and manufacturers looking to sell their products - which was one of the motivations behind this site. We’ll be providing reviews of products, retailers and analysis of the market - both in the UK and world wide.

If you'd like to contribute to the running of the site - please follow the 'donate' button below so I can keep producing unbiased and quality content -


Some notable articles -

Bloomberg - Big Tobacco Hopes Oral Nicotine Pouches Fill the Vaping Void

International Business Times - What Is Snus And Why Are The British Crazy For It?

Wikipedia Entry - Nicotine pouch entry

Header photo courtesy of 'Ministry of Snus'
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